At Last (Lucky Harbor #5)

Amy Michaels (a waitress at Eat Me)is the most cynical of the 3 friends. We find out she made her way to Lucky Harbor because of her Grandmother’s journal. Amy desperately wants what her Grandmother found in Lucky Harbor, hope for the future. She follows instructions from the journal hoping to find the places she mentions in the forest and mountains. Of course, she gets herself lost and has to call Mallory for help. What she doesnt expect is for her friend to send the last person in the world she wanted to see, Sexy forest ranger Matt Bowers. 

After a very humorous overnight stay in the forest things get kinda serious from there. 

We find out about Amy’s past. She had basically been a runaway since she was 16 after have a promiscuous childhood in rebellion to her grandmother dying and having to live with her mother that ended with her mother’s latest husband at the time trying to rape her. She had done lots of things she isn’t proud of and she struggles with her self-esteem over this but it has also made her leery of trusting others, especially men. 

Matt came to Lucky Harbor after his job in Chicago in SWAT and his marriage imploded. Those things has also made him leery of letting anyone to close but Amy has always been someone he just cant make himself stay away from. 

Matt finds a 18 year old runaway living in the forest and ask for Amy’s help with her. Turns out Amy and this girl have alot in common and it brings up alot bad memories for Amy but she also know what it feels like to be in Riley’s shoes and wants to give her that break she knows she needs to get herself on the right path in life. 

Matt and Amy were in my opinion perfect for each other. It took them getting around a few bumps in the road to see this but they finally got there. 


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