Romantic Suspense is my favorite genre at the moment so I really love when I find a new author. There are lots good independently published authors that now can get there stories out since the indie world has started taking off.

Against the Wind

A hurricane
Category 3 Hurricane Nell, powerful, deadly, life-changing, slams into the Florida Gulf Coast
A man on the run… FBI Special Agent Michael Alvarez, falsely accused of fraud and murder, is determined to clear his name and survive attempts on his life, even if it means depending on    
The woman who rejected him…    Society girl Blair Davenport refused Michael’s marriage proposal six years ago, knowing she couldn’t cope with the secrets and dangers of his career. Now she has a chance to make it up to him, but neither can ignore
The passion that still blazes between themDespite the past, they’re tempted more than ever, and there’s   
A relentless pursuer…    Blair’s brother, FBI Special Agent Drew Davenport, hot on Michael’s trail, won’t let a hurricane stop him. Is he simply doing his job? Or is he behind the attempts on Michael’s life?

Cindy’s Review: The books starts out in the middle of a hurricane off the coast in Florida. Blair Davenport is at her Grandmothers house to board it up and get some of her personal documents. Out of no where Michael Alvarez appears and looks to be injured. Blair hasn’t seen him in six years since she turned down his marriage proposal and harsh words were said. 

Michael is a FBI agent who’s last undercover assignment had him accused of embezzlement and someone trying to kill him twice. He doesn’t know if he can trust Blair’s brother who is also an FBI agent so he decides he come and hide out at Blair’s grandmother’s house during a hurricane thinking no one would look for him there. But that isnt the case. 

From here things take off and Michael and Blair are on the run for the rest of the book. We get to find out about their relationship via flashbacks from the beginning to where it all went wrong at the end. But one thing is clear through out the book these two still love each other but can they get over past hangups, survive whoever is trying to kill them and live a HEA. 

This was my first time reading this author and I really liked her writing style. I look forward to more from this author in the future.

Kissin’ Tell (Rough Riders #13)

This book is about Tell McKay and Georgia Hotchkiss. Tell had such a crush on Georgia in high school even though he knew (in his mind) she was just using him to copy homework from or to set up prom decorations so she didnt have to. She was a cheerleader who was the girlfriend of the most popular boy on campus she certainly wouldnt be interested in a guy like him.. 

But as we know things are not always as they appear. Both Tell and Georgia had rough childhoods. Tell’s Daddy was a drunk and a mean man when he was growing up. And being the middle child he didnt always get the better end of the stick. When his brother Luke died things really changed. Georgia’s childhood was ok up until her twin brother died and then her family fell apart. Both sets of parents are divorced now and even through Tell and Georgia were not children when the divorces happened they both suffer from anger, fear, loneliness, and guilt. 

Ms James did a great job of showing how conflicts between divorced parents effects even grown children. That is can still effect the mental growth of those adult children just like it would a small child. Both Tell and Georgia sense of well being and self-worth still played a big part in there lives today due to there parents divorces. 

For the relationship between Tell and Georgia to work – they both had to let go of somethings from the past, stand up to siblings they felt were taking advantage of them and also to see that maybe they misunderstood somethings about why a parent did something. 

I know I’ve totally skipped over the good parts 🙂 Yes there were hot smoking sex scenes. Yes there was a baby born to another loved McKay. Yes Keely is still struggling with whether or not she wants to be a mother someday. And yes Casper McKay is still a mean old man. 

Another great book in the McKay saga. 


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