Edge of Survival by Toni Anderson

Being a mother of a Type 1 diabetic son who also has other issues reading this books realistic description of what its like living with the disease was very touching to me. My son does not care nor fully understand about the long term consequences if he doesn’t take care of managing his diabetes. That job has as his mother has fallen on my shoulders but its not easy when you don’t get alot of cooperation. The heroine Cam in this book does understand that and the author has written every aspect a diabetic needs to look out for. My son needs to take lessons from Cam 🙂

5 stars for the suspense and realistic scene descriptions and a very realistic look at a person living with diabetes.

Cameran Young is a biologist who along with her team has come to the northern Canadian bush to do a Environment Impact Assessment. When they arrive in town and are waiting for the helicopter pilot that is going to take them to the ship where they will be stationed for the next 3 month they realize the miners aren’t happy they are there fearing they are going to ruin their jobs. Once the pilot shows up Cam decides to head to the bathroom for a quick break and gets the shock of her life. A dead body of a young woman.

Daniel Fox used to work for the United Kingdom Special Forces known as SAS (Special Air Service). After having to leave in unfavorable circumstances due to something tragic that happened on his last mission he decides to come to Canada to be a helicopter pilot. His way of getting through life was drinking and having meaningless sex to keep his mind off of the disaster his life had become. After going to check on Cam and finding what she found in the bathroom he realizes his ingrained instincts to protect are still there and he isn’t happy about it.

Cam and Daniel aren’t your typical Hero and Heroine. We as the reader’s know that Daniel is suffering from PTSD even though he hasn’t figured it out himself. Daniel does something early in the book that would probably turn most women off but for me I understood he was in emotional pain and was just looking to numb it anyway he could. Cam has diabetes type 1. She has had it since she was 14 and has decided that she isn’t going to let it rule her life and keeps tight control over it. When Daniel first see’s her injecting herself with insulin he thinks she is a junkie but once she explains he is even more frustrated with himself because now he really feels he has to protect this woman who comes out to the bush with a disease he doesn’t really understand and he doesn’t understand his attraction to Cam either and he tries to fight it so hard at first.

We get quite a few POV’s in this book. One of the characters I liked the best was a Staff Sergeant with the Canadian Mounties. Poor guy gets called to the scene of the murder after he had taken a Viagra on the advice of his marriage counselor and his wife to try and save his marriage. They convinced him he was suffering from ED. So his first meeting with a young female officer that has been assigned to him is quite comical.

I loved the scene descriptions of where this book took place. There wasn’t only the threat from multiple bad guys but also from nature and the animals. I look forward to reading more from this author.


2 responses to “Edge of Survival by Toni Anderson

  1. I haven't read anything by this author so I appreciate the introduction to this book. My twins are 21 and each has a form of autism. They are both high-functioning but will always some extra assistance, one more than the other. I worry about what will happen when I am no longer here to help them. A mom's job is never done.landrybreaux@yahoo.com

  2. That is what my 18 year old also has, high-functioning autism and I am currently going through those same thoughts. I dont know if he will be able to function in in the real world. So I have decided he's probally going to be with me as I am living. And no a mother's job is never done. Thanks for posting and I hope you enjoy the book.

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