Seized By Darkness By Autumn Jordon

Eight long years hostage Nicole Carson has lived a nightmare as the mistress of a mafia lord. When her captor brings home another kidnapped victim, she seizes the opportunity to save herself, her son and the young girl, leaving the Russian for dead. In order to stay alive and save the family she hasn’t seen in years from the mafia family’s wrath, she must disappear as if she’s never existed.

A sting to bring down the largest human trafficking ring in the country goes south for U.S. Marshal William Haus and his C.U.F.F. team. C.U.F.F. catches a break when the mistress of the Russian kingpin is captured with a kidnapped victim. Will bargains with the beautiful mistress. If she helps secure evidence against the mafia, she’ll earn a new life for her and her son. But when Will learns Nicole’s true identity, he wants to call the operation off. Nicole begs the handsome marshal to keep her secret and allow her to put her life on the line for her family. 

A game of cat and mouse plays out between the U.S. Marshal and the ruthless Russian. The prize neither man wants to give up is Nicole.

Cindy’s Review:

Autumn Jordon has written another edge of your seat thriller. You are on a rollercoaster of a ride from the opening scene to the last. 

Nicole Carson was kidnapped by a Russian mafia lord when she was 16. In the 8 years since she has been his mistress and had a child with him. She has been planning for years for ways to get her and her son away from him. Her chance finally comes when he brings home a 13 year old girl and asks her to get her cleaned up and ready. Her fear that this girl was brought in as a replacement for her and that he would now kill her finally gave her the strength to kill him and make her escape. 

US Marshall William Haus has been trying to bring down one of the largest human trafficking rings in the country. They have had two agents undercover within the Mafia family for over a year and in one night it’s all blown apart. When Will goes to interview the woman they found with the missing teenager in her trunk he realizes this is the mistress and thinks she has to be in on what is going on. 

Nicole refuses to tell anyone the truth about who she really is in fear that her family will be targeted by the Russians. Will tries to make a bargain with her that backfires and causes her to leave her son with him thinking it’s the only way to protect him. Once Will catches up with her and she finally tells him the truth the dynamic of their relationship changes. 

From the moment this book started until the last page you are on the edge of your seat. I cannot image what it would be like to be kidnapped at such a young age and basically made a sex slave. All Nicole ever knew about sex was from mafia lord. It was heartbreaking to see her struggle with her feelings for Will and not know if they were real and also to not feel worthy of love. 

I cannot wait to see what is next from Autumn. I have to come to love her stories.

Janet’s Review:

This is the second book by Autumn Jordon that I’ve read and I am hooked!

 Seized By Darkness is a fantastic blend of romance, suspense, “keep you on the edge of your seat”, roller coaster ride of a story. Your heart will break for the young heroine Nicole who was kidnapped at the young age of 16 to become at the mistress of a Russian Mafia boss. Autumn really shows Nicole’s struggle to overcome her inner demons and save the life of her and her son. I couldn’t put this book down! I had to find out what was going to happen next! 

The only complaint I have with this book, is that I felt it needed an epilogue. By the end of the book, you’re so invested into the characters, which I wanted to know more about their Happy Ever After.



Forever in Darkness by
Stephanie Rowe
Janet’s Review: Being a huge fan of The Order of the Blade series, I was so excited to hear that this novella was being released. And I wasn’t disappointed! Stephanie has once again written a fantastic story. This novella is a stand-alone, yet has enough content, that readers of the series are left satisfied. Forever in Darkness is the start of a whole new adventure for the group of Immortal Warriors. I feel, I must also give warning, have your tissues ready, as your heart will break right alongside of Ian’s. And then hang on, as the roller-coaster ride begins….
Cindy’s Review: If you’ve been reading Stephanie’s Order of the Blade series you know the premise of the series. Two thousand years ago from a war between two brother a legacy was born. The Calydon warriors’ purpose was the keep the world safe from evil and when needed to kill a Calydon warrior and/or his sheva (mate) when the Calydon warrior went rogue/mad after finding her. 
Ian Fitzgerald’s sheva was killed by Elijah Ross (hero from the 3rd book) almost seconds after he had found her. Throughout all 3 books  we saw Ian as a very angry and tormented man because of this. In this short novella we get Ian background. His ancestor Augustus Fitzgerald had brought a curse upon his family by killing the soul mate of a Calydon warrior who was into black magic. The warrior then cursed Augustus and all his offspring to experience love and then to lose said woman and to be so overwhelmed with grief that they killed themselves. Ian is the last Fitzgerald remaining alive and since losing his sheva is fighting the demons that want to take control and have him end his life.
At the end of the 3rd book we find Ian carrying out a dying woman who he says is his sheva. But how can this be when we know his sheva had already been killed by Elijah. Well we find out how in this book. And what an interesting concept. There isn’t really a HEA at the end of this book because that will be had when Ian’s full length book comes out later in the series. But what this novella does give you is hope for Ian’s future. 
 Special Agent Jackson Maddox is undercover at a reintegration program for ex-cons called Gateway. All the parolee’s at Gateway had to convert to Islam and change their names to an Islamic names. It claims to have a high success rate on the ex-cons going on to living a crime free life and getting good respectable jobs. The taskforce that Jackson works for has reason to believe that Gateway is training terrorists and funding terrorism activity overseas. Lena Alexandra is a journalist for a crime magazine who sister was murdered by a police officer some 15 years before but due to the witness disappearing he got off on that crime but was arrested later for drug trafficking. He is now part of the Gateway program and she is there undercover herself to see if she can get him to confess to the murder. 
Marliss at the beginning of the book in a foreward explains that there are racial and religious elements in the book that may make some uncomfortable. I applaud her for saying what she had to say and to also point out that even though these situations do exist in the real world that this book was a work of fiction. 
Jackson through out all of his time serving his country and being part of the task force is still a man with conscience. That conscience was a very attractive trait, it’s what I feel attracted Lana to him right off the bat even though they were both lying to the other about who they were. Lana in the beginning was on a sole mission to get the killer of her sister no matter the cost. As the story went along she finally got to see what its like being on the other side of a journalist exposing a story at the sake of a story and comes to see things in a different light.  
This wasnt always an easy story to read but but it was none the less well written in my opinion and I loved the romance between Jackson and Lana. 


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