What an incredible debut novel. Fan’s of Jaci Burton’s Wild Rider series will love this one. The author has created and fabulous cast of characters that I am already in love with. 

Black Knights Inc is made up of ex military men who run out of a custom bike shop owned by Becky “Rebel” Reichert. They do jobs the US government needs done but wants on the down low. Its run by Frank “Boss” Knight. Frank and Becky have alot of POV in this book but there book is next in the series. 

Nate “Ghost” Weller and Grigg Morgan had been friends for over 12 years since joining the Marines together. On the last mission they were both captured and tortured and Grigg died. Nate feels a tremendous amount of guilt over his best friend dying and is the one that tell his parents and his sister that he’s dead. He has has a thing for Grigg’s sister Ali since meeting her all those years ago but never acts on it out of respect for Grigg. And now that he is holding the secret to how Grigg really died he feels he not only doesn’t deserve her but she would never forgive him if she knew the truth.

Ali has had a feeling she has been being followed for months but it isnt until she is mugged that she decides she needs to go to Nate and his group of friends for help. She doesnt exactly know whats going on at the bike shop but she knows its no ordinary place of business. Once she tells her story to the guys they come clean as to what they are and want to help figure out what’s going on. As things progress it becomes clear it may all go back to her brother. 

This was a hard hitting no holds barred book. I cannot wait for Becky and Franks story. This looks to be a fantastic series. 

Wow bring your oxygen when reading this book. From beginning to end its none stop action and suspense. I couldn’t put the book down till I finished it. 

This book literally picks up 10 days after Red Heat where we saw U.S. Navy Lieutenant Commander Clint Walker jump into the sea and swim away with stolen plan’s from the Chinese. Clint has to make it back to the US with the chip and isn’t having much luck. He finally decides to stow away on a cargo ship that headed out into the Alaskan Bering Sea. When he knocks on the captain’s door late that night hoping to get his cooperation he is shocked to find that the captain is a woman. 

Captain Samantha Richardson doesn’t trust men as far as she can throw them. Between her ex husband betraying her and having to constantly fight her father on having the career she wants she is out to prove herself with delivering the cargo with no issues. Having a man force his way into her room with a guy pointed at her isn’t the way she saw things going. 

Neither Clint nor Sam expect the flash of heat that suddenly sparks between them. But once Clint explains he needs a ride and its of national security that he gets to the US she reluctantly agrees he can stay on as one of her crew. 

But during a sexual tryst the ship is hijacked and from there its not stop action till almost the last page. I loved the non stop action. I felt like I was right there with them hiding out and doing all the dangerous things it took to get her crew back. 

I cannot wait for the next exciting adventure in this series. 

Very sweet and touching love story between two people that have been at odds with each other since childhood. I think this is one of my favorite types of romances. When you take two people that that have been pulling pranks and giving the other a lot of grief for many years and find out that underneath it all there was a spark and very deep emotional connection.

Many people are judged based on past behaviors or preconceived notions. Kyle and Celia are both victims of this. Not just from there friends and family but also with each other. Celia finds out that Kyle is really romantic softy at heart and Kyle finally admits what he has known for two years, that Celia is everything he wants in a woman and a wife. 

Something Lorelei I think is very good at is writing about family drama and how childhood can effect the adults today. Kyle never knew who his father was and then all of a sudden he not only finds out who he was but that he left him a ranch. Something Kyle had been wanting and dreaming about having for years. It was a very touching scene when Kyle’s mother finally admitted how he came to be. Being a single mother is not easy and having to admit to your child that they were not conceived in a loving relationship is not an easy thing. Kyle had a lot of emotions to work out on that but he knew his mother did the best she could for him. 

Celia having lost both her parents when she was young was raised by her brothers. In situations like that the older brothers can tend to be a little over protective not realizing that for most of the time she felt like she didn’t really belong anywhere and had no place of her own to call home. She too had always wanted a ranch to call her own but struggled with letting herself fully believe that what her and Kyle had was real. Instead she kept thinking it was all just short term and waiting for the other shoe to drop. 

This book is about the romance between two people and the insecurities they need to overcome to have that HEA.
What a treat this was to find.. Even had John Black and Dean Hooper from previous books in it. The author explains that this was written as a serial for a magazine but you cannot tell. Very good suspense/mystery novella. 

A bartender is beaten and murdered. A young woman is murdered.. 

Shauna Murphy’s grandfather own’s Dooley’s Pub where the bartender had worked for almost 10 years. After being relieved that it wasn’t her Grandfather she still wants to know who killed her friend and pesters the lead detective John Black with clues she is finding. 

Detective Sam Garcia comes back to town to join the homicide department and is partnered with John who in turns pushes Shauna off on him. But what John doesn’t know is there is quite the history between Sam and Shauna. They grew up together as he was good friend with her brothers and she always had a crush on him but with there age difference he pushed her away – more than once. Then later when she was engaged to another man he arrested her fiance the day before their wedding. He doesn’t figure she has forgiven him yet. 

The mystery of the two murders and there connection has everyone stumped. Its not till they bring in Dean Hooper from the FBI that they start to put the piece together… But to catch the killer Shauna’s life has to be put on the line and now that Sam has finally gotten her back will he be able to let her do it….


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