Cindy’s Review Whiskey Creek population roughly 2000. A town where everyone knows everyone and is home to a great bunch of friends. 

Gail DeMarco moved to Los Angeles to start a PR firm. She knew she wouldn’t get far professionally in Whiskey Creek and has always wanted to prove to her father that all women were not like her mother who left when she was young. Gail has many movie stars as clients and one of those was super star Simon O’Neal. Simon had been on a self destruct mission for a while and after many warnings she finally dumped him. What she didn’t count on was also losing all of her clients because of that. She thought that Simon was the one that caused all of her clients to jump ship and when she was on the verge of bankruptcy she decided to go to Simon and beg he show her some mercy. 

Simon wasnt the one that sabotaged her company but he’s still to angry and busy feeling sorry for himself and drowning all his sorrows in boos and women because he lost custody of his son. All he wants is to see his son and to get custody back but he just keeps making things worse. 

Gail comes up with a solution, she will help Simon clean up his image. What she suggest is he needs to marry a good straight laced woman and stay clean and faithful for 2 years. What she doesn’t count on is being nominated to be that woman. She realizes Simon will never be able to stay clean and keep his promises for two years in Los Angeles so she carts him off to Whiskey Creek. 

It was funny to watch Simon have to go back to living like a normal person, no chefs or drivers or big mansions to live in. But it didnt take long once he got the alcohol of his system and his head cleared for him to realize he really like this small town living and that Gail wasnt the stuck up person he thought she was. 

It was interesting to see the contrast of the two worlds blended here. The backstabbing and cheating and jealousies of the Los Angeles crowd with the sweet down home folks of Whiskey Creek. 

I am totally invested in all the characters from Whiskey Creek now and cant wait for their books in the series.

Cindy’s review Every time I read a Cherise Sinclair book it becomes my favorite. 

Abigail Bern’s life isnt going to so well. Her boyfriend just dumped her because she cannot trust and submit to him and she is afraid she is going to get caught in her university cutbacks. She needs to write a research paper and have it published to strengthen her resume. She decides she wants to write it on the behavior of those in a BDSM club. When she goes there are many funny moments just at the front reception area due to her innocence on the BDSM scene. When she realizes that she has to be a member and that there is a huge membership fee she realizes she might not get in until Simon offers her the receptionist job on Fridays and Saturdays until Lindsay comes on and then she can enjoy the club until closing. 

Xavier Leduc is the owner of Dark Haven. Since his wife died years ago he has closed his heart off. He has women he plays with at the club and women he trains as slaves at home for other masters but no one he keeps just for himself. When he meets his new receptionist he he intrigued by her innocence of the BDSM lifestyle and decides to use her right away for a demonstration which his “little fluff” (loved that name her gave her) of course balks at but no one tells My Liege no.. 

Things I LOVED about this book.. 

1. Dixon the sub – who was manning the reception desk when Abby first came in – he was very funny and in the end also turned out to be a very emotional friend. 

2. Watching Abby who was a some what a child prodigy and professor never being able to turn her brain off and Xavier realizing this was preventing her from experiencing “pleasure”. I think alot of us have this problem of not being able to shut our brains off and just experience the moment or feeling and I actually found myself listening to Xavier and wanting to obey 🙂 

3. Simon and Rona were the first friends Abby made. It was so good to see them. 

4. The foster puppies – They were soo cute 

5. Meeting new characters like Lindsay and deVries

6. When Xavier took Abby home and stayed with her and fed the puppies for her.. Sigh… 

7. Finding out about Xavier past and about the company he runs and why he started it. 

8. The 4th of July Party… Not only do we get to see every past characters from all the Dark Haven series we get a another fun “game” played out in the woods. Very sinful game.. I am hoping we get to see more of the deVries/Mitchell/Lindsay dynamic in the future. 

9. When Xavier was hurt and couldn’t do for himself – Watching Abby morph into mother hen and Xavier having to take it for the time being 🙂 

10. Abby’s punishment for being forgiven for not telling everyone about the research paper she was writing. Whew – glad it wasnt me 🙂

I really liked all of times away from the club. Seeing them both trying to make of go of the relationship away from the club. I have come to love this series as much as Shadowlands and hope she plans to continue it. 

Bravo on another well written book Ms Sinclair.

Cindy’s review What do you do when you have information on the death’s of 2 teenagers that could be vital to the investigation but the person that you need to give that information to is someone you personally attacked on your talk show outing his former life and your pretty sure he hates you. 

Reghan Conner is a investigative journalist with WACT. Reghan lets her past define how she views life today and how she goes after her subjects. Because of what her father and an ex fiance did to her she thinks the worst of men – that they are no heroes and all have something to hide and its her job to find out what that is and expose it, regardless of who it hurts. As long as its the truth she doesnt see anything wrong with it. 

After interviewing an convicted psychopath named Gerard Fontenot five months before at his request she realizes now that the things he told her then were about the current murders of the teens and that they were to hurt detective Dev Gautier the man who’s life she tried to ruin many months ago. 

Dev Gautier is no hero. He had a horrible childhood and was on the road to living his life in jail when a New Orleans policeman took him in and changed his life forever. Dev vowed that he would help other teens like and runs a center and mentors the at-risk teens. He is devastated when his boys start turning up dead. 

When Reghan comes to him with her story he has a hard time being civil to her after what she did to him but once he watches the video and Reghan starts getting treats he cant just turn his back on her. And when more of his teen’s turn up dead and an attempt on Reghan’s life is made he vows now one else will be hurt that he cares about. 

Both Reghan and Dev have to work through there issues to find the killer. They also cant deny that the attraction that was there before is still there between them . 

So who is the killer? Since Gerard is in jail who is he getting to pull off these murders.. The answer may surprise you.

Cindy’s review After falling for a “bad guy” in college that ended in heartbreak and her mother beating her over the head with I told you so Elle Walser has decided to go for a safe man even if its not one that gets her heart racing but at least it wont be one of the boring men her mother keeps picking out for her. She decides she is going crawl into bed with her boss who hasn’t taken any of the clues she has been leaving that she would like to start a relationship. She works as a art coordinator at gallery owned by Nathan Schultz who was in the army with her brother Ian and who she thinks she is crawling into bed with. Well turns out Nathan’s older brother is in town and is sleeping in the master bedroom in the loft above the gallery. 

Things are going really well – Elle is so turned on by what this man is doing to her and ends up having the best orgasm of her life when he speaks and she realizes this isnt Nathan. When the lights come on and she see that he is covered in tattoos and that turns her on her old issues of “bad guys” return she runs out in embarrassment before finding out who the man really was. 

Gabe Schultz thinks he is having the best dream of his life. It doesn’t take him long to realize its not a dream but who is he to stop this woman that is so set on seducing him. After she runs he goes to wake his brother up to find out who this woman was. He decides that he wants to get to know her better and he is tired of living the single life and this woman intrigued him. 

From here we get a double personality Elle. In Elle’s heart she knows the type of man she really wants but her head wont let her go down what it thinks is road to heart break and with the years of her mother’s opinion on what a lady should act like and go for in a man Elle comes off as a snobby stuck up woman to Gabe as he tries and pursues her. Gabe doesn’t let this deter him and finally breaks Elle down to give him a chance. 

This was a great story about two people who on the outside are complete opposites but cupid doesn’t always care about that. 

I hope that in the future there are books for Nathan and Ian. 


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