Cindy’s review I am amazed at the continual building of characters in the Black Night series. We are constantly introduced to new characters in this wonderful world and I cant wait to read all of their stories. 

Even thought this was Frank and Becky’s book which I had been waiting for since meeting these two in the first book we are introduced to new agents with Black Night and also some women who have history with the guys. 

After Frank rejected Becky at the end of the first book she decides to go on a vacation with her best friend Eve. They are over taken by pirates off the coast of Somali. Frank and Becky’s brother Bill and the new guy to the team Jamin (Angel) Agassi who had defected from the Israeli Mossad have hitched a ride on the a navy destroyer to rescue them. 

What we find out thought this is Bill and Eve have a history. I am hoping we get to find out more about this in future books. 

Becky and Eve are rescued but Frank is hurt pretty bad in the process and during his time under pain killers he true feelings come out which was quite comical. 

But as with all of these big alpha men once he is back to his senses he doesnt want to talk about which hurts Becky even more. 

We are introduced to Frank’s sister who seems to have a history with a character that shows up at the end of this book and looks like there book is next. 

I am also very curious where the ex-CIA agent Zoelner from the first book is going to end up. Will he join the Black Nights and we finally get his whole story??

This was a edge of your seat at times, very humorous and at times frustrating (Becky and Frank) book. But I loved when they finally got together and look forward to seeing more of them in the future books.


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