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Please welcome Teresa Reasor. She is a Marine Corp brat. And has retired from a full time position as a primary art teacher after 21 years. She’s been a part time college professor for ten years and will retire from that at Christmas this year.

We are spotlighting her Seal Team Series. She currently has two books out in this series Breaking Free and Breaking Through.

In Breaking Free: Lieutenant Adam “Hawk” is the commanding officer of a Navy SEAL unit. During their last mission one of his team mates Brett “Cutter” Weaver was badly injured and left to die. Hawk is also hurt rescuing him before the place is blown up. 

Zoe Weaver and her mother are in California for Brett who is in a coma. Zoe was in an accident when she was 7 that almost severed her leg and has left her from the waist down severely scared. Hawk out of a sense of duty to protect his men and their family insist Zoe and her mom stay at his place. Right off the bat Zoe and Hawk are attracted to each other but they both have alot of baggage from their past that causes insecurities about getting involved in a relationship. 

Though out this whole book Hawk has to deal with the fact that someone on his team hurt Brett and tries to find out who of his men could have done something like this. What he finds out is that more than one of his men has secrets and some are not good. 
We as the reader get to find out each of the men’s secrets and wonder which one could have done it. The author does tell us at the end who does it but we are left hanging with many loose threads. 
In Breaking Through: This book packs a punch. There are so many emotional moments I cried at a few of them. 

This book is a continuation from the first book. Brett is now released from the hospital but still isn’t cleared for duty. Zoe and Hawk are still very much in love but not rushing things even though Zoe is keeping a secret from him. Brett and Zoe’s mom comes back and she runs into Brett’s Dr from when he was in a coma, Russell and his son at the airport and sparks fly. All the old team is back except for Derrick who is in jail and Flash who is still missing/AWOL. 

Brett and Tess Brett still hasnt been cleared for duty and he is asked to do a speaking engagement in front of 200 women. Not his idea of funny especially with the speech problem his still has from the attempt on his life. Tess is at the event to cover it for the paper she works for. They both are attracted to each other but with everything that is going on it Brett’s life getting involved with a reporter probably isn’t the best thing. But when Brett is accused of the disappearance and possible death of the teen child he and Derrick were to have dropped of at his home in Iraq he knows he is going to need to help to expose what is really going on. It was good to see Brett back on his feet even though it seemed like it was just one bad thing after another as far as his job went. He and Tess made a great team and couple once they really started trusting each other. 

Zoe and Hawk (view spoiler) Hawk who is still reeling from the betrayal of Derrick against the team and is now facing charges from the way he and the team went in and saved Zoe, Brett and Derrick’s girl friend from Derrick. Hawk is the leader of these band of men and he still had a strong presence in this book. It was great to see how his and Zoe’s relationship was progressing.

Clara (mom of Zoe and Brett) and Russell Clara who was very prominent in the first book but had left to go help her other daughter toward the end comes back to be with Brett and Zoe. At the airport she runs into Russell who had been Brett’s Dr. He is there to pick up his son who he hasnt seen in a while. Both Clara and Russell realize he is very sick when they see him. Clara who is like the best mother hen around decides she is going to cook for them and bring it over and this starts a beautiful romance between the two. But it also is the most heartbreaking where Russell’s son Evan is concerned. Their story in the book had me crying more than once. 

As all of these stories are going on, the father of the missing Iraqi boy makes a grave mistake and goes to a radical terrorist to exact revenge on those who he thinks killed his son. This puts Brett and the whole team including their families in grave danger. 

Please tell us how you came up with the concept for Seal Team.
My Dad was in the Marine Corps. And I loved being in the service.(I say that because, when a man enlists, his family does as well). I looked up to my Dad and all his buds who put their lives on the lines. I met Catherine Mann at a Kentucky Romance Writers meeting and we talked like a house on fire and I started reading her books, and Suzanne Brockmann’s SEAL series. After writing two historical romances I thought, I’m going to try something contemporary. I started Breaking Free. And I have to say it came so naturally to me, the lingo, the alpha guys, all of it. But I wasn’t satisfied with the idea of just one love story, I wanted to write about several of the men. And I wanted to write about how it really was for them to walk away from their families and their loved ones when the call comes.
And I wanted my stories to be different than Brockmann’s and Mann’s. 
I have a friend that calls me the conflict queen. When I started, she asked, “how many different plot lines will you have in the first one?” When I said one besides the romance, I thought she’d drop over. I’m never satisfied with a linear plot, it has to have more twists and turns than a Southeastern Kentucky road. I love it to be intricate and tied together with all sorts of emotion and conflict. But Breaking Free had to be the introduction to the series and everyone had to get to know the guys before I could write the other books. But of course I couldn’t just write a straight romance. It had to have a suspense element that tied the other guys to the story and involved every one of them. She calls that my cast of a thousand. Which is an exaggeration. But I love to bring my male characters through in my books and have them act like real men. Even in my historical romances my men are alphas. And they’re always the guys in charge, so how else would they behave?
In a way I write from the male POV more than I do the female sometimes. Or at least as equally as I can make it. But I also wanted to show the emotionalism that’s hidden behind the male mask. Think in terms of the guy who’s always in control, always controlled, how much effort does it take to project that when inside they have all these feelings and passions that want to come through—all the time.
Emotion is what drives every book. So all that steamy passion boiling beneath the surface has to come through.
What made you decide to have a long running story arc through out the series
Well that just kind of evolved. When I decided to make one of my guys the bad guy, I thought I’d go all out and make him really bad, so he’d have to redeem himself in a later book and possibly face, if not worse things than the others, but some really—really tough challenges. And what’s the worse thing for a military man to face? A dishonorable discharge and prison. How could you just leave that story line out there and not finish with that. And how can you redeem a character who’s behaved in a manner that demands that kind of punishment?
I know from conversations you and I have had that Derrick’s book will be the last in the series, but can you tell us who’s books will be coming up next?
The next book will be Flash’s story. Lieutenant Harold “Flash” Carney. He’s in deep trouble. Isolated from his team and unable to reach out. And that’s a kind of through line as well for him because he was that way in the first book. Flash’s story will be different than the last book also because it will be very similar in structure to Breaking Free. The romance will play the biggest part in the book because of him. He’s isolated, emotionally, and physically. So you have to delve into the reasons behind that and tear those reasons to shreds so he can grow.
But the suspense element of the book will come through too. And all the SEAL training he’s had will play a part in that. And the other guys will show up at some point and time. I can’t just let them twiddle their thumbs when he’s hanging in the wind without backup.
Thanks so much for having me on the blog!! I love talking about my guys. And I’m a little in love with all of them. I hope my readers will fall a little in love with each of them as well.
Teresa Reasor  
Thank you so much for joining us and telling us about this exciting series that has me hanging from book to book. 
I will be giving away KINDLE copies of both books to one lucky commenter below. I am going to run this contest through Wednesday, Sept 12th. Teresa will be checking in occasionally to answer any questions you may have. 
(PLEASE make sure you leave your email address in your comments)


25 responses to “Teresa Reasor Giveaway!!

  1. This sounds like a very exciting series. I like that it has a story that lasts throughout the series. I also like that the danger may be internal to the team. I, too, love Brockmann's SEAL stories. I'm looking forward to this one!luv2readrom (at) yahoo (dot) com

  2. Thanks for visiting and commenting on the blog. I appreciate it. And if you do get either book, I'd love to hear from you about it.Teresa R.

  3. Yay! So excited this book is out! This entire series is going to be awesome! Keep 'em coming!Authorcheriemarks(at)gmail.com

  4. She's a fantastic author. I've been reading Timeless and I'm hooked. Can't wait to read this series too.author@jessevcoffey.com

  5. The first book was awesome, Teresa. I'd love to have a copy of both books for my collection. I can't wait to get the time to read this one. *hugs* and congratulations.authorjulieannereeves(at)gmail(dot)com

  6. Cherie:Thanks for stopping by and thanks so much for for bragging on the books.Teresa R.

  7. I am a military spouse, we have been in for 17 years now. I love reading about military men!! Lol!!! Can't wait to read yours now, love good suspense with my romance and yours seem to have that in spades!!! shannonowens92@yahoo.com Shannon Owens

  8. Jesse:Thanks so much for buying Timeless. And thank you for plugging it here.I'm glad you're enjoying it!Teresa R.

  9. Shannon:Thanks. I hope my guys are just what you're looking for. They certainly do it for me.Teresa R.

  10. I downloaded Breaking Free at Chris's recommendation. I love finding new authors and this is one series I am going to follow. I have given Teresa Reasor's name to two of my 'love me some seal stories' reading friends. I have not yet downloaded Breaking Through and now I am going to wait and see if I get lucky enough to win a copy. werabs@cox.net

  11. I'm so glad you enjoyed Breaking Free and good luck with the drawing. And thanks for passing on how you felt about the book. We writers really do love to have someone read our words!!That's really why I write. And the more stories I write the more I can think of that I want to write. If only I were a bot and could multiply so I could write 24-7.Teresa R.

  12. I love the basis for your books! I Can't wait ti read them!modularmates(at)comcast(dot)net

  13. LM:Thanks so much for saying that. Teresa R.

  14. I've been hearing great things about these books. They are at the top of my wish list. Thanks for the interview and giveaway!tgentry90 at gmail dot com

  15. Southern Girl:I'm so glad you're hearing good things.And thanks for putting them on your wish list. Good luck with the drawing. Teresa R.

  16. Both of these books sound really good. This is the first time I have heard of them but I do enjoy stories about military personnel and those that have secrets or problems. These sound they would be very hard to put down once you start reading them.Junemanning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  17. June:Thanks for coming by and commenting. And I love to torture my characters and through problems in their way. So yes, there's always something going on with them. Teresa R.

  18. I have learned so much about Seals, it started with Suzanne Brockmann's Troubleshooters series and have learned so much more since then. Love those Seals…would love to win but I have a NOOK unless you want to send me a kindle too..lsscarchuk@att.net

  19. I LOVE SEAL stories!! I love story arcs instead of stand alone. These sound great! Will definitely have to check them out!!Kellijo23@gmail.com

  20. LS. I can send you a nook book instead of a kindle file. My books are available there too. So no worries. If you win I'll send it.Teresa R.

  21. Kelli Jo. I love that through story that ties the whole series together. But each story does have its own romance and in the case of Breaking through there's three romances and a suspense angle.Teresa R.

  22. LM – modularmates(at)comcast(dot)net is the winner.. I have sent you an email. Thanks everyone for commenting. Teresa is a fabulous person and writer and looking to many many more books from her.

  23. Thanks for having me Cindy.I really appreciate it!!! And there will be other books. I'm hard at work on plotting the next one. Teresa r.

  24. Great interview!!! This series sounds so good!!! Can't wait to read~thanks so much for the chance to win!! I haven't had the pleasure of reading nay of Teresa's books yet but these are going into my TBR pile. I love a man in uniform!!! LOL 😉 Have a great day!!

  25. Mariann: Thanks for commenting. Teresa

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