Nobody’s Perfect

Cindy’s review:  The healing of Savannah Gentry

This book takes us through Savannah’s life from 8-19. Then onto Savi Baker’s life 19-27. And then finally back to Savannah’s life. 

Savannah lived through the most horrid things from 8-19 from her sick and perverted father and his business associate, Lyle. The only bright light during that time was her one night with Damián Orlando. After that wonderful night in her otherwise nightmare of a world she was gifted with a child. The pregnancy gave her the strength to run away from her father. She ended up in a church where a priest and a wonderful woman took her under there wings and Savi Baker was born. 

Savi Baker had gone to school and had become a social worker who worked with young abuse victims. Without any explanation she lost her job and was wondering how she was going to support herself and her daughter Mari. She didnt know at the time that her father was behind her losing her job and that he had sent Lyle to bring her and her daughter back to him. Savi manages to escape and goes to the only person she can think of to protect her, Damian. 

Damian as also never forgotten Savannah since that night eight years ago. He had no idea what hell had delivered her back to but since that night he had also been through his own hell and was still fighting both PTSD and shame over his disability. When Savannah show up as his door beaten and bruised with her daughter he doesn’t know what to think. But within a short amount of time he finds out Mari is his. 

Damian vows to protect them both with his life but realizes there is more to Savi’s past than he ever knew. Savi’s flashbacks are horrid and he realizes she doesn’t trust men and wants nothing to do with anyone ever touching her. 

From here the journey to Savi’s healing begins. Everyone from Adam and Carla to Marc and Grant rally to help Savi become Savannah again. The scenes in the Club between Damian and Savi were so touching in how he was able to bring out all of Savi’s demon’s front and center so they could be dealt with. 

There is justice for Savannah in this book which was long over due in her life. From the moment we saw Damien and Savannah all those years ago we knew they were meant to be together and was fantastic to finally get to read there journey to that place. 

Marc and Angelina are still going through a rough patch in their relationship that is not concluded in this book. 

Adam and Karla are doing well in there relationship as they prepare for the birth of there first child. 

And the cliffhanger between Luke and Cassie – this had to be one of the cruelest things in the book 🙂 

This book was so worth the wait. Kally has done another exception job of writing heartfelt characters that you love.


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