Another great book in the continuing saga of the men and women that make up the Black Knights. 

At the end of In Rides Trouble we saw the return of Jake “the Snake” Sommers who came back for Michelle, who we also met in IRT and turns out is Frank(Boss)Knight sister. 

Jake, Boss, Preacher and Rock were all Navy Seals together four years ago. Their last mission together ended with Preacher getting killed who was married to Michelle, and who Jake was still in love with but due to his messed up mind from an earlier mission where over two hundred Marines were killed he had pushed her away and into Preacher’s arms. In Preacher’s dying last breathe told Jake that she was pregnant. 

Four years later Jake shows up at Black Knights headquarters with every intention of getting back the only woman he has ever loved. Problem is Michelle doesn’t believe his declaration of love and only wants to protect her son. 

When its found out a bounty has been put on all of there heads the group get in teams to find the guy that put it there. Much to Michelle’s dismay this leaves Jake as her and her son’s bodyguard and bullet catcher. 

Rock is teamed up with Vanessa to stake out a hotel where they think the bad guy has been hiding out. Vanessa would like more with Rock but Mr Cajun lives a double life and knows his second job prevents him from even thinking about getting involved in a relationship no matter how attracted his is to Vanessa. 

Now that Becky is a part of the team Frank allows her to do more it was funny at times to see these two working together and Frank having more of a sense of humor and showing his lovey dovey side which is funny for a man his size 🙂 

It was interesting to see a man come in from the beginning of the book declaring his love for a woman and vowed he would win her back. There are a few bumps along the way and a big surprise. It was great seeing the team back in action and April 2013 cant get here soon enough for Rock and Vanessa’s story.


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