October New Reviews

We start out with Catherine Hemstead Malloy packing up what’s left after her husbands death and realizing after living an extravagant life with him she and her daughter are basically broke. When the last thing is loaded onto the moving truck she goes in search of her 7 year old daughter and is unable to find her. 

From here we go on a journey to find out what happened to her daughter. Helping her is the only man she has ever loved but walked away from and married his partner. 

Jason St. Pierre never got over the shock of Catherine turning down his marriage proposal due to their conflict of having kids (him wanting them her not) but then runs into the arms of his business partner and marries and has a kid with him. It has been hard watching her all these years with another man having what they should have had together. He doesn’t think he will ever be able to forgive her. But when he finds her running down the road screaming he cant help but to get involved and when he finds out that it is her daughter that is missing, some one he has come to care about, he goes all in on the search. 

It turns out this wasn’t your typical kidnapping and there are betrayals from many they both thought were friends. The search ends up in Hawaii where the author did a great job of describing the lifestyle and location. 

There are many twist and turns in this book and seems nothing that Jason and Catherine thought about the last 7 years was the truth. 


What do you get when you mix a used car sales man and a wanna be actress together – plenty of laugh out loud moments. 

Tanner Peschke along with his friends are all billionaire’s but chose to keep it to themselves and continue to work normal jobs. On his mother’s death bed Tanner promised her that he would stand by his father and that meant running his father’s use car dealership even though he hated it. On a trip to buy used cars Tanner runs into Janine literally while she is riding a mechanical bull where she is doing a part time gig which causes her to lose her job. Feeling both sorry for her and realizing he could use her to his advantage he offers her a job in his upcoming commercials for the dealership. What he didnt count on was falling for her. 

Janine has had one goal in her life and that is to be an actress. She hasn’t had much luck so far so after Tanner gets her fired she figures why not take him up on his offer of doing commercials. 

What poor Janine didn’t count on was a monkey that gets more than fresh, a boa that takes her breath away or a camel that just runs away with her. But the biggest thing she didn’t count on was falling for the handsome used car dealer. Falling in love is not in her plans. As soon as her agent has a deal for her in LA she is gone. 

Will these two be able to make it work??????

The secondary characters of Tanner’s father and his friend were almost as funny as the disasters of the commercials. 

The writers did a fantastic job at making you feel like you were there during all the disasters of the commercials. Your laughing till almost crying. I look forward to reading the rest of the books in this series from these two.


Warning: this book is smoking hot. You’ll wonder how the hero and heroine don’t spontaneously combust. 

Sydnee Prescott and Brandt Tanner had a flaming hot romance 7 years ago that ended in them getting married. But the marriage was doomed from the start. Brandt’s father was a tyrant that ran Tanner-Harbiger International and never thought Sydnee was good enough and not only sabotaged their marriage but set her up to die. When Brandt believed his father’s lies and gave Sydnee a harsh punishment she left and divorced Brandt and hasn’t seen him in 7 years. 

Now she is a partner in a fraud investigative firm called Triple D Invest. When a potential new job lands across her desk and she sees it’s with Tanner-Harbiger she blows a gasket at her two partners Ryker and Kodie. They both know the volatile history between her and Brandt how could they do this to her. But neither of them had put two and two together and she allows them to live  . Her curiosity gets the better of her about the IRS Audit being brought against Brandt’s company for fraud and finance misconduct so she agrees to a meeting with Brandt and his brothers. 

Brandt never wanted the CEO position of the company that his father thrust on him. It was giving him ulcers and making his hair go thin. And now he finds out they are being audited and Sydnee’s firm is the one his board of directors has chosen to hire. Brandt, all these years later, admits he was mainly the one at fault for the destruction of his marriage but he is not happy to have to see Sydnee again especially under these circumstances. 

At the initial meeting tempers flare but both Sydnee and Brandt realize the sexual attraction is still as strong now as it was back then and decide to give in to their animal instincts. These two burn it up every time they are together. Brandt is an alpha with a capital A. 

It doesn’t take long before things start happening to Sydness again and this time Brandt swears he is going to protect her from his father hatred and from whoever else is out to harm her. 

This was a well fleshed out story. You got it all from the hot sex between Sydnee and Brandt to the whole mystery of who was behind the fraud. The gradual telling of what happened to their marriage throughout the book was also very well written. You also fell in love with 4 other men during this book. Sydnee’s partners Ryker and Kodie who were ex-special forces and plenty alpha in their own right and Brandt’s brothers Jeffery and Neil . I would love to see books for all 4 of those hunky men. 


*This books shows the more extreme side of the BDSM relationship*

Jim Evans is a police detective and has been active in the BDSM scene for even longer. His partner Kyle has fallen in love and wants to give up being a Dom in the club to devote himself wholly to her. He ask Jim if he would take over being Kelly’s Dom. Jim has always been fascinated by Kelly and jumps at the chance to being her Dom and Master. 

What he didn’t count on what Kelly’s extreme reactions to certain things he tried. In the back of his mind it screamed she had been abused in the past but he couldn’t let her get away with her violent behavior every time he tried to do something she didn’t like and since she wouldn’t trust him with the truth he didn’t hold back on the punishments. 

After spending a weekend together with Kelly getting an extremely painful punishment, Kelly decides she really likes Jim but she still struggles with a severe case of insecurities and abandonment issues. Jim struggles with does Kelly have to many issues for them to have the kind of relationship he wants long term. 

On Monday after Kelly receives a threatening call from an ex Dom from her past and Jim realizing that he sounds like the perp they have been looking for that has been going around hurting women in a horrible way he confronts Kelly and she finally tells him about her past. Some may struggle with the type of relationships she got herself involved in but they totally show that her insecurities and abandonment issues had a lot to with how she got involved in them. 

This was at times a harsh view of the lifestyle but the writing was flawless. This was my first time reading this author and I look forward to reading more from her.


Ross Carpenter was born and raised in a small town in South Carolina. He struggled with shame due to his father and where he came from but the one good thing he had all though high school was Allie Williams. When Ross left for the Army he thought Allie turned her back on him because she never answered any of his letters. His mind told him it was because she thought he wasn’t good enough for her. 

Today after being in the Special Forces for years he owns his own private security firm called RC Investigations. His latest client hired them to find and retrieve stolen information. When Ross see’s that the person being accused of stealing the information is Allie, Ross’s curiosity about what would make the good girl prom queen turn bad makes him take the case. 

Allie Williams was a publicity manager for a pharmaceutical firm. When she realizes her boss has been laundering lots of money and plans to release a drug that he knows has dangerous side effects she does the only thing she can think of, takes proof of both and runs. She decides the best place to hide is in plain sight in her hometown at her aunt’s house who is away on vacation. 

Ross saves her from an attempt on her life but she is wary about why he is there. He hasn’t been back to town since he left all those years ago and she hasn’t heard a word from him and now he has suddenly shown up as her savior. 

Ross chooses not to be totally honest with Allie about many things, like why he is really there and that he is still in love with her even after all of these years. Allie isn’t upfront either with truth’s from both the past and with what really happened with her boss. 

The author did a great job of taking us on the journey with Allie and Ross as they worked through all of their past issues along with running from the assassin’s that keep coming for Allie. Ross’s teams at RC were great secondary characters and I hope they are going to be getting their own books in the future. 


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