Old Fashion Series

Warning: This series contains sassy women and the men who care for them, love them and spank them. 
This series is about 4 brothers and 1 sister. When there parents died, when the youngest Frankie was just 15, Heath being the oldest takes over as provider and protector of the family. Heath is truly an old fashioned man. He believes in domestic discipline, no sex before marriage and that its a man job to take care of a woman. After the death of there parents Frankie had the hardest time. She took to acting out in all the wrong ways to get attention. She is now a nurse and is coming home to the ranch for Christmas and is bringing her friend who is a widow and her small son along. Ava didn’t know what to make of Frankie’s brothers when she first met them. They were so alpha and if she tried to so something they didn’t think she should be doing they threatened to spank her. Heath knew almost as soon as he saw her she was the one for him but getting her to believe that and to also get her to take care of herself wasn’t going to be easy. I really liked how the author gave Eva a condition that isn’t used in books often. Not only did she suffer from hypoglycemia but she also had coeliac disease. Since Eva was still nursing her son if she didn’t eat right and get enough sleep she would run down to the point of passing out. After one of these episodes Heath stepped in vowed to make sure she took care of herself or else she was going over his knee. 

In this book we get to get a good glimps of all the siblings. Everyone of the males in the family are dominate and believe in domestic discipline. Frankie who is the real definition of a brat gets engaged in this book and we get to finish her story in the 3rd book of the series.

Since Heath believes in old fashion values there is no sex in this book but that doesn’t take away from the romance. And since I have already read the next two books in the series I can tell you there is plenty of hot sex in those 🙂 
Cam and Kent like to share there women. Kent is rougher around the edges and doesn’t think a woman could take his heavy dose of dominance without his brother more lighter flirty side to balance out the equation. But make no mistake they both equally believe in domestic discipline. Kent has basically sworn off women since there last relationship when bad. So when on one during a horrible storm a tiny slip of a woman shows up at there door asking for a job he wants nothing to do with her. But it doesnt take long to see Bryony Andrews needs a keeper. She grew up in foster homes and ended up running away from her last one when she was just 16 and has been living on the streets ever since. Cam see’s right away that this is the woman for him and his brother to share. Problem is Kent isnt very open at first to the idea but it doesnt take him long before he finally starts warming up to the idea and also her bottom when she doesnt listen. 

This was a great menage story. You did feel that Kent and Cam were opposites in many ways but one (the spanking) but together they made the perfect man. 

Also in this one we find out that Eva is pregnant and having a hard time with the pregnancy with all her issues and we get to see how Frankie and Tom are doing in there marriage. Frankie is still a brat and has a lot of insecurity issues she still needs to work on.

I loved that the author gave us a gimps into Frankie and Tom’s history. Since we had met them in the first book we knew they had history but were not filled in on the details of there past. This book starts off twelve years ago when Frankie was just 16. It was a year after her parents death and she was out of control. Sneaking out with boys and drinking. After getting herself into a situation with a boy and Tom having to rescue her we find out why she acts the way she does and in someways is still acting 16 years later. But we also find out that she has had a crush on Tom since she was little and he was just waiting for her to grow up so they could be together. 

Now its a year into there marriage and Frankie’s insecurities are out of control due to her not being able to conceive in the year they had been trying. She has never thought she was good enough for Tom and this is just something in her mind that goes to prove it. And as when she was a child when she gets in these moods it makes her act out and do impulsive things that are only going to get her in trouble. 

This book was defiantly more on the extreme side of DD but the sex between the two was hot. And we also find out that Tom used to frequent BDSM clubs with his best friend who is dead now and Frankie’s brother Brax. There is a side story between Tom and his best friends brother Roarke that was quite interesting. 

I hope we get to see Brax’s book in the future and maybe even one for Roarke and Sam.

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