What a cool concept. Each writer has a different era that they write about the Caldwell family from 1853 to current day. 

Splendor in the Moss by Charlotte Russell – The year is 1853 and 4 years before, James Caldwell and his manservant Tillford left England. James came to America hoping to make something of himself, something he had never managed to do in England. He and Tillford ended up in Seattle with a deed to own 320 acres of land the US government was offering new settlers. But James was not happy there either. At first James comes across as a snooty pampas man but you realize he is struggling with his identity. He just wants to finish the cabin he and Tillford have started and move on. But when 2 women wonder into there camp, both men are intrigued. Tillford and Helene immediately know they want to a future together. James and Mattie are a different story. Mattie has had nothing but heartache in her trek to Seattle. She’s lost everyone she’s loved and just doesnt think she can ever open herself up again. Will these two be able to over comes there insecurities and heartbreak to start a new life together?? **Really liked this one**

Final Approach by Marianne Stillings This was set during WWII a year after the bombings at Pearl Harbor. Women were called to fly for the Army in Women’s Auxiliary Ferrying Service (WAFS). Pilot Charlie Thompson lost her husband at Pearl Harbor. She join up with WAFS to do the one thing she loved – flying and to serve her country in the only way she could at that time. When her best friend and fellow pilot dies under strange circumstances she knows something fishy is going on and wants answers. Capt. Joe Caldwell lost an eye in the bombing of Japan and had been assigned desk duty at the Texas base where WAFS is stationed. He used to be a police detective in Seattle before the war and after listening to Charlie he agrees someone is out to sabotage the female pilots. Will these two be able to find out who the person is that is out to get the women and also get past there battle scars to fall in love?? This was a very informative story on WAFS and WASP – the women that stepped up during a horrible time to do very brave things.

Love Phantom by Dawn Kravagna University of Washington, 1983 – Charlie’s granddaughter Kara Caldwell thinks college is a great place to find a man. At first she is pretty picky about who she wants and keeps blowing off one that she doesnt think is up to her standards. But as time passes she sees that maybe she has been looking at things the wrong way. 

Shelter from the Storm by Clare Tisdale After 7 years in California JD Caldwell come home with nothing. Embarrassed to go to his family he goes to a friends house hoping to take him up on his offer of a place to stay. Turns out his friend no longer lives there only his ex-girlfriend. Maya is a free spirit who makes pottery for a living. The two embark on a short affair but before long Maya kicks him out. Turns out Maya was looking for just one thing from JD and when he finds out what she did will he be able to forgive her? 

What’s Wrong with Mr. Perfect? by Sherri Shaw Ivy Turin wants romance, the hand holding wonderful romance. Even after her last boyfriend stole from the restaurant she own and is a Chef at she still believes in love. She ends up accepting a date from Sam Rockney not know he is the star quarterback for the Seattle Pioneers. After a couple of wonderful dates and Ivy thinking Sam is too perfect, then Sam hits a string a back luck and suddenly is Mr Perfect anymore and Ivy feels a bit guilty for her thoughts. Ivy cant believe how well Sam takes all the bad things and when he doesnt react the way she thinks he should she thinks he had to be hiding something. When she tells him this there perfect relationship hits the skids. Will they be able to recover?? 

Aftershocks by Kristine Cayne This is the prequel to Kristine’s new rescue firefighter series. Jamie Caldwell is part of the Seattle Fire Dept Technical Rescue Team. He has been separated from his wife who wants a divorce. He has been putting off signing the papers cause he doesn’t want to lose his daughter. Erica suffers from a lot of issues from her childhood and while Jamie was away for an humanitarian mission her insecurities got the better of her and she decided to start not needing Jamie anymore and basically pushed him away when he got back even though she laid the blame on him. After a large earthquake rocks Seattle, Erica and their daughter Chloe are trapped in a building. The majority of this book is Jamie and his team trying to rescue them. We get to find out what went wrong in there marriage and see that deep down they really both still love each other. I loved the rescue scenes in the book it was like you were right there with them crawling through the collapsed building. We got to find out about all of Jamie’s family and a couple of co-workers who will all get there books in the future. This was a great start to what looks to be a very good series. 


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