An emotionally heartbreaking addition to the Whiskey Creek series. 

This book packed so many powerful emotions. Cheyenne has always felt that something wasnt right. She has always had dreams her being a little girl and feeling happy with a blonde woman. The trouble was this wasnt is wasnt the woman she called mother. Cheyenne and her sister Presley had grown up with a grifter for a mother who neglected them and drug them all over the United States. Now she is dying from cancer and Cheyenne is pretty much left to take care of her as Presley has a drug addiction. 

The author did a great job of pulling a 180 on us. For the first 1/4 of the book we knew Cheyenne thought herself in love with Joe a childhood friend and brother to one of her friends. But when her best friend Eve shows interest in Joe, Cheyenne gives Eve her blessing even though it breaks her heart to do so. Then out of the blue we meet Dylan Amos who is known as one of the bad boy Amos’s approach Cheyenne and tell her You ever want me to show you what its like to have a man in your bed, you know where to find me. Sigh – I feel in love with Dylan right there. 

Dylan didnt have a good childhood either. His mother committed suicide when he was young and this set his father into turning to the bottle which led him to get into a fight and kill a man and be sent to prison. With 3 younger brothers Dylan had to step and raise and support them. But during all of those turbulent times Dylan got in a lot of trouble and got quite the reputation of being a bad boy. One of his brothers hangs out with Presley a lot and is also addicted to drugs. 

The author pulls no punches in showing us twisted thinking of abducting a child, the heartbreaking side of a person dying from cancer,and how far a person addicted to drug will go to get there next fix. 

I absolutely loved this book and every character (except the mom) in it. The author has created a fabulous cast of characters in Whiskey Creek that seems to keep growing and I want all of their stories now! 🙂


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