Intense page turner from beginning to end. 

Kelsey Quinn and Gage Brewer have had a relationship in previous books but in the last one they had broken up. This picks up there story some time later. 

Gage and his Seals team are on a mission in Kenya that ends with him getting shot and his CO Joe Quinn getting killed. 

Kelsey is in the Philippines at a mass grave site when she discovers a body that shouldn’t be there and when she gets the call about her Uncle Joe. 

Two months later the DNA from the body she found in the Philippines that she asked her ex-fiance who is with the FBI to run comes back as a terrorist that is an American. This starts a load of mess starting with him getting killed and her being an eye witness to it. 

Kelsey goes on the run and Gage is framed for the murder. But he is more worried about Kelsey and goes out to find her. 

There are a lot side characters that play into figuring out what is really going on. It was obvious from the beginning that even though they had been broken up Kelsey and Gage still passionately loved each other and that Gage was going to do everything in his power to protect her. 

As the book goes along each clue they find shows that the plots and cover ups goes a lot higher than they could ever imagine and it all points to a American terrorist who wants to launch an attack here on American soil. 

I hated for this book to end it was such a thrilling roller coaster ride and you didnt want to get off. 


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