Riding Tall Series

Megan wilder has been divorced for two months and is moving from New Mexico to Arizona to be closer to her parents and her sister. Even though she is leaving her past and her ex in New Mexico his years verbal abuse has left some scars.

Megan suffers from feeling inadequate about her body size. But that sure doesnt stop Ryan McBride from noticing her at the County Fair. The two hit it off and spend the day together and she agrees to see him again. They embark on a wonderful romance together.

A side story that goes on is her mother and father are about to not only lose there home to foreclosure but there restaurant isnt doing well since the owner of a restaurant next door has decided to launch a smear campaign against them to try and get them to sell to him.

When a tragedy happens in her family and she finds out that Ryan has been part of the foreclosure issues Megan is heartbroken. Will Ryan and Megan be able to work out there issues??

Cat Hayden hasn’t had an easy life. She grew up with two alcoholic parents. The only good thing about her childhood was being with Blake McBride but after finishing high school she wanted nothing more than to leave town and Blake wouldn’t go with her so they broke up and she left on her own. 

When she was 19 working working with a rancher on rehabilitating horses the horse turned on her broke many bones, cracked her skull and cheek. This required both brain surgery and extensive plastic surgery which changed her looks. This also ended her barrel racing days. 

Nineteen years later she comes home to take care of her grandmother but doesn’t reconnect with old friends from her past. The accident has left her more of a introvert and insecure about her looks. 

While teaching a horse club to 4-H’ers she finds out one of the girl’s in the group is Blake’s 14 year old daughter Demi. To say they are both shocked to see each other is an understatement. 

Blake realizes as soon as he see Cat that his feelings for her have never changed in the 19 years since she left him. He knew she wanted to leave Prescott but be never thought she’d leave the way she did. After marrying a woman who turned out to have both a drug and alcohol addiction and end the end walking away from him and their daughter his made his life be about his ranch and his daughter. 

This book covered a range of subjects from dealing with the after effects of a traumatic brain injury, being the children of addicts for which both Cat and Demi are, messy custody battles and many other things. I thought the author did a very good job of showing a realistic view of these things. 

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