Firecracker By Laylah Roberts

Cindy’s review: Sienna and Clint married when she was just 22. They fell hard and fast for each other and she was even turned on by his alpha ways. But they were going in two different directions. She was a model that was on the fast track and was a bit on the spoiled side and he was just trying to get his ranch up and running and he failed to give her the attention he should have. Then he gave her an ultimatum that backfired. 

Now two years later her best friend and sister-in-law calls to tell her that Clint’s brother’s been in a bad accident and they dont know if he is going to make it. Sienna doesn’t think twice and hopes on a plane but doesn’t know how its going to be facing Clint again. Even though they parted on bad terms she has never stopped loving him. 

Clint has forever regretted giving that ultimatum and now that he knows Sienna is coming back he is going to do everything in his power to win her back and to also be true to himself and no longer lock away his need for being a Dom. 

This was a great reunite story of two people who really loved each other but let a lot of stuff get in the way in the past. 

JANET’S Review: I’m a sucker for second chance stories and this was one of the sweets ones I’ve read yet.  

It’s was hard not to fall in love with Sienna and Clint. I think I spent half my time reading this book with a smile on my face.

It was a fun short story, which had a lot of hot and sweaty sex!
Available at Amazon and Blushing Books

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