Dangerous Waters by Toni Anderson

Cindy’s Review: Great small town murder mystery with lots of twist and a romance. 

Opens with a shocking murder that happened 30 years ago and then goes to present day where another murder has happened. The story takes place in a small remote town in Canada. After two divers find a body underwater Sergeant Holly Rudd of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and her team arrive to investigate. Holly’s father is a commanding officer with the RCMP and she always felt she had to prove herself. This was her first time being in charge of a homicide by herself and she wants to make her father proud. She is still smarting over getting involved with a staff sergeant who forgot to inform her he was married. 

Finn Carver, one of the divers who discovered the body has an ugly history with the little town. After serving many years in the special forces he comes back to town when the man who raised him is beat to within an inch of his life. 

He and Holly have an instant attraction but neither want to be, but they are constantly thrown together during the investigation. As the investigation goes along we see that the town is pretty good at keeping and hiding secrets. And there is a doozy of a one being kept hidden. 

I really like all the twist and turns during the investigation. The author kept you on your toes as to who was bad and who was doing what with whom. 

I was excited to here that Finn’s brother will be getting his own book next. After you read this book you will see why he deserves his own book. 

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