Heart of a Soldier

By Tamara Hoffa

 Soldier Jameson Hunter faces the battle of his life: winning the heart of Charlotte Mackenzie, widowed mother of a young recruit.


JANET’S REVIEW: This a a short story from a new line of romance novels called, Lunchbox Romance, meant to be short and sweet. I love these kinds of stories that I can read and finish in a short period. And as the name implies, they can be read during your lunch break or in my case during my coffee break.


In Heart of a Soldier, we meet widowed mom Charlotte Mackenzie, who’s 17 year old son wants to join the Army.  Charlie lost her husband many years ago to a drunk drive and now struggles with the fear of losing her son in military.


She agrees to meet with the army recruiter, hoping he can help her overcome her issues.  Enter, one hot and sexy recruiting officer, Jameson Hunter.  Not only does he help her overcome her fears, he ignite a passion she hasn’t felt since her husband die.


This was a very sweet and touching love story.  Tamara really shows us the heart of a mother’s love for her son and the real struggles of letting go of our children when they grow up. I felt the connection with Charlie from the first page.  Jameson is the sweet and sexy male that every women dreams of, his patients with Charlie just made my heart swoon.


While Heart of a Soldier is very fast pace, I don’t feel cheated or that something was left out of the story. A lot was packed into this short book.


 I’d like to add, that having served in the US Army myself, I really appreciated that Tamara used the proper military terminology. I haven’t read many books that had this level of precise accurate description of the military.  And being that this is such a short story, it impressed the heart of this soldier.



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