Scorching, hot look at a man introducing his wife to BDSM and his full Dom side. 

Jamie and Erica were introduced in the prequel to this book Romance in the Rain. I recommend reading that book first. 

In the prequel we meet Jamie Caldwell who is part of the Seattle Fire Dept Technical Rescue Team. He has been separated from his wife who wants a divorce. He has been putting off signing the papers cause he doesn’t want to lose his daughter. Erica suffers from a lot of issues from her childhood and while Jamie was away for an humanitarian mission her insecurities got the better of her and she decided to start not needing Jamie anymore and basically pushed him away when he got back even though she laid the blame on him. After a large earthquake rocks Seattle, Erica and their daughter Chloe are trapped in a building. The majority of this book is Jamie and his team trying to rescue them. We get to find out what went wrong in there marriage and see that deep down they really both still love each other. 

This book picks up after Jamie has moved back in with his wife and daughter but things still aren’t going so well. Jamie is still walking on egg shells around Erica and scared to initiate the kind of sex he wants to have with her. The two of them cannot communicate and when they try he misunderstands everything she is trying to say. After talking with his mother she makes him realize that in his bid to make his wife happy he has sacrificed his own happiness. He has always felt sense of guilt since he got her pregnant at 21 and they had to get married and she gave up her goals for becoming a lawyer but he got to continue on with his dream of becoming a firefighter. 

Jamie decides they need to take the honeymoon they never got to take five years ago. He also decides he needs to come clean about who is really is. Before he met her he was a full fledged Dom and had many subs. He isnt looking for a slave or even a full time sub in his wife but he does want her submission in the bedroom but he is afraid she is to prim and proper to accept this side of him. 

What Jamie didnt know is Erica loved there first time together when he was all rough and in Dom mode (even though she didnt know he was a Dom at the time) but since that first night when she got pregnant he’s treated her like glass. Between that and her fear she would become a door mat like her mother she pushed him away. 

On there honeymoon they finally come clean with each other and when she tell him that she likes his rougher side his response was so funny – “If that first time was so special, why did you nun-up every time I got a little demanding with you?” 

From here Jamie introduces her to the BDSM world of sex.. Many hot scenes between these two. 

They still have some trust issues to work out but through the BDSM they both grow even more in love with each other. 

This was a great start to a new erotic series. I cant wait to read future stories – especially Dani and Williams story.


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