An intense, gritty realistic look at a disaster. 

The opening scenes of this book were so realistic it was like watching a movie. Lauren Boyer and her partner are paramedics and currently on a California freeway when a 8.5 earthquake hits. Lauren watches the devastation around her including her partner getting killed as the freeway collapses on top of them. When the earthquake ends she is trapped in cavern like atmosphere. 

In her search for survivors she comes across a man who is also trying to find survivors. Garrett Wright seems like a stand up guy to her and later she learns he was in the military. In there search they come across Jeb and Mickey who are escaped convicts with another convict Owen who’s hurt and unconscious. They realize that they need to stay as far away from Jeb and Mickey as they can. 

They come across a girl trapped in a car that is about to explode. Garrett manages to pull the pregnant teen out of the car before it does. She is nine months pregnant and Lauren is worried she is going to go into labor. In there search for more survivors they come across a RV that is untouched from the earthquake and meet the owner Don, and his young granddaughter Cadence. This is where they decide to set up “base camp” and also triage for any of the people they find alive. 

The story from here not only becomes about survival from being trapped but also fighting for there lives from the 2 convicts. In the mist of this Garrett and Lauren fight an attraction to each other that neither understand. Lauren had just been dumped by her fiance for another woman and had no desire to ever put herself in a situation again to get hurt and this was certainly a perfect example. Garrett we know struggles with not thinking he is good enough and keeps telling Lauren he isnt even though we dont find out why till towards the end of the book. 

My view of the romance was it was two lost souls that found each other through traumatic circumstances that even with there pasts and there current hopeless situation that you never know when love is going to come up and bite you on the butt. 

This was a great edge of your seat book. I am looking forward to the next two books in the series which will be Sam’s story in Freefall and Owen’s story in Badlands.

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