Katie Lane has a great talent for making characters from all ages and backgrounds into people you come to care about over the course of reading her books. And her innate sense of comedic writing makes it a joy to read her books. 

If you’ve read the series we meet some of the Cates family in the 3rd book. Brant, the oldest and president of C-Corp wanted to close down Dalton Oil in Bramble, TX and had sent his younger brother Billy in as a spy to do it but Billy ended up falling in love with Shirlene and the town. Brandt still blames the town for what he calls the Cates Curse. One his way to Bramble for Billy’s wedding he ends up at the infamous Miss Hattie’s Henhouse which had been a bordello back in the day. He is greeted by three old women who currently live there who call themselves the Hens, Minnie, Baby and Sunshine. Minnie has a tendency to shoot first and ask questions later. After nicking him in the arm and giving him a drink with drugs in it they cuff him to a bed so he wont call the Sheriff. 

Elizabeth Murphy is the prime and proper librarian in Bramble, Texas. She is still a virgin and she also owns Miss Hattie’s Henhouse. It wasnt something she wanted and her first priority is to sell it since the Hens can’t afford the utility bills and the place is falling apart. When she realizes what the ladies have done she is appalled but ends up not releasing him after realizing he would probably call the sheriff and then the whole town would know she owns the Henhouse. 

Brant and Elizabeth eventually come to an agreement that she will help him find out what happened to his great great grandfather if he doesnt press charges. What neither of them counted on what there attraction to each other. Elizabeth has made peace with never marrying and dresses like an old maid to not attract attention to herself. Brant is a bitter man and still grieving man over losing his wife and son in a tornado. And to throw a even bigger monkey wrench into the deal Brandt’s brother who has just gotten done with a year of chemotherapy shows up and decides he wants to buy the Henhouse. 

The mystery of what really happened to William Cates back in the 1800’s is finally solved in this book. We also get to see how Faith and Hope are going with there babies and hubbies and see that the town is still as matchmaking as ever. 

Looking forward to Beau’s book next.

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