Action packed romantic full of mystery that keeps you guessing. 

We met Alex and Sabrina in Against the Sun book 6 of the series and these two did not like each other (but you know what that really means) 

This is the 7th book of the series and I think they keep getting better. 

Sabrina Eckhart not only lost her retirement on the stock market but due to the times she is now on a leave of absence from her job. Worried about her future she decides when her Uncle Walter leaves her in his will a vast amount of land in Texas that he claimed had silver on it, she decides this may be her only chance to improve her financial situation. Problem is no one else really believed Walter and she needs someone to fly her there so she can see for herself. Regardless of there past and her feelings that Alex Justice has a ego the size of Texas she doesn’t trust anyone else to go with her. 

Alex cannot believe that Sabrina came to him for help but there is just something about the little red head that messes with his libido. Since Alex is a pilot he fly’s them to the west desert town and also fly’s the helicopter they rent to take them to where they think the mine is. Turns out the helicopter was sabotaged and it crashes and blows up. Alex and Sabrina manage to stay alive out in desert and a truce of friendship is strung between the two before they are rescued. But that ends up not being the last attempt made on Sabrina’s life. And Alex being a very alpha man makes it his job to protect Sabina at all cost. 

Here the story kind of branches out into two stories. There is the mystery surrounding who wants to kill Sabrina and also a side story of his sister and her daughter who had left Connecticut to move to Texas to start over after an abusive marriage. This ties into an old case of Alex’s of a child murderer that was set free on a technicality. 

This was a great book that kept you guessing what was going to happen next at every turn. I really liked that it had the two romances in it plus we got to see a lot of Jake and Sage and the other guys at the PI firm.


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