From the prequel we find out: Norma and Ben Nettleton had decided to move to Slaughter Creek to raise there twin daughters she was pregnant with after Ben had a round of bad luck and had lost his job. They came to be near her parents who had moved there three years before and claimed the town was full of love and kindness. Norma immediately went into premature labor as soon as she drove into town. Ben had been stressed out over the impending birth of his children for fear that one of them will have inherited a genetic disease from his side of the family like his sister had. 

After the twins are born Sadie is a normal happy baby but Amelia screams and cries and nothing can console her. When the girls are two Norma decides to take Amelia in to be checked and realizes that she isnt the child in town showing these behaviors. 

Now its present day and we find out that Sadie’s parents were killed in a car accident when her and Amelia were 3. They went to live with here grandparents where Amelia got worse and spent many years in and out of mental institutions. Sadie had been in love with her childhood friend Jake Blackwood but after something traumatic happens she leaves Slaughter Creek hoping to never have to set foot in it again. She went on to college and a life in San Francisco and became a psychiatric counselor for children. Everything is going well until she gets a call that Amelia has killed their grandfather. 

Jake Blackwood has moved back to town with his daughter and is the sheriff of Slaughter Creek. One of the reason’s he moved back is to find out what happened to his father 10 years ago. He is the first on the scene at the grisly murder and has to take Amelia into custody. When Sadie shows up to take care of the funeral and see her sister to find out what is going on it turns into a quest of not only what happened to her grandfather but also what has been going on at the mental institution that Amelia’s been in and out of when people that were both patients and staff there when Amelia was start dying. 

This was a very complex mystery that keeps you guessing to the very end.


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