Cindy’s Review: An emotional heartfelt journey between two friends that span 25 years. 

Zoe and Rob met when they were in the 4th grade and became best friends. It’s 25 years later and they have been roommates for 14 years. She is a paralegal and he is currently on tour with his band. 

Zoey is with her five friends celebrating New Year’s Eve. They all live in a town home community. All of them make resolutions to change there single status for the coming New Year. Zoey has decided after 25 years she is going to tell Rob when he get home from touring that she is in love with him. 

But before that happens she finds a lump in her breast which turns out to be cancer. When Rob comes home and finds out he vows then and there he is going to be with her every step of the way and there relationship changes from friends to lovers. 

Through out the book were are taken on a journey through out their friendship. It’s relived in flashbacks during the months Zoey is doing her chemo. We are also taken on the sad horrible journey of a person taking chemo and all the changes that person and the person that loves them goes through. 

It was a refreshing change to read about two people that have been friends and there for each other through many trials and tribulations and getting to watch how two people that love each other handle biggest fight anyone can go through – cancer.

Janet’s Review: I have always been a sucker for books about best friends what fall in love. FIX YOU by Mari Carr is just that, with a twist. 

The heroine discovers she has breast cancer before she can tell her Best friend of 25 years, Rob, that she loves him. And it takes Robbie hearing that she has cancer, for him to finally realize that he loves Zoey as well.

Together they embark on a journey filled with friendship, courage and love. These two characters have a profound history together, starting when they were in 4th grade, that we read about in a series of flash back that are so seamlessly woven throughout the story.

The interactions between Rob and Zoey during her cancer treatments were heart wrenching to say the least. They had me crying at certain scene and then had me laughing the next. Yet, as heartbreaking as it was to watch Rob and Zoey struggle, we also see them working together as a team. They are in this fight together.

FIX YOU is an emotional, heartwarming but at the same time heartbreaking, very well written novel.

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