~CINDY’S REVIEW~ YES YES YES – A new BDSM Club series and it was as awesome as I hoped it would be. 

Rose owns her own sweet shop and loves working with her hands creating candies and cakes and pastries. Something she loves even more is the man who runs the wine business next to her. But she doesn’t really thinks she has a chance with him being that she is over 6 foot tall and has curves all over. Hence her current predicament of being a 26 year old virgin living with her mother. 

Ibraham has noticed the tall the voluptuous woman and would love nothing better that to have her as his sub but after having a taste of her and finding out how innocent she really is he takes to step back to think about how to handle things. 

In the mean time Rose’s mother and her friends at there weekly card game all decide its time for there daughters to find men and plot how to make that happen by forming the The Poker Posse. 

Rose and her friends Mirabeth (who is pregnant), Ellie, Ari, and Norah have all also decided that they are going after the type of men they want and they know just the place they are going to start looking – at the Omen, the local BDSM club. What the girls don’t know is on the same night they go to the club their mother’s also show up to check the place out looking for men for there daughters – This leads to some very funny moments. 

As this is the first book in the series we are introduced to a large cast of characters. Not only the girls and there mothers but also quite a few doms that were competing for a bit for the spot light 🙂 We also find out that Rose’s mom Viola has a connection to the BDSM life and what a surprise it was. 

So I got a bit off course there – Rose and Ibraham are the main couple in this book and Ibraham did a great job of not rushing into things with Rose. He took his time showing her about the kinks he likes to make sure its something she really things she could handle. I thought it was very tastefully and beautifully done. 

There are many more characters that were introduced which I am sure will be in future books but to many to name here. I am ready for the next book in the series NOW – but alas I know I am going to have to be a good little subbie and wait. 


When I look for a new book to read, the first thing that grabs me is the cover and I must say this cover didn’t grab my attention, but because it came high recommended by a trusted friend, Cindy, I read it.  She was sooo right!  What a great book.

It had everything I like in a book, one HOT, very tall, sexy Alpha male, Ibraham.  And a heroine, Rose, who not only has curves, she is very tall, standing at 6 feet and very insecure about herself because of it.  So insecure that she has convinced herself doesn’t stand a chance to ever winning the affection of a man like Ibraham.  She has had a crush on him since he moved into his Wine shop, next to her Bakery.

What she doesn’t know, is that Ibraham has also been watching her and he wants her. When Ibraham finally makes his feeling known to Rose, he also discovers that she is a virgin.  This bothers Ibraham, for he has yet to tell Rose that he is a member at the local BDSM club, The Omen.  Because of this, he pulls away from Rose, leaving her wondering once again if it’s her height what was too much for Ibraham.

But after Ibraham sees Rose and her girlfriends enter the club one night, all that changes, Ibraham is going to go and collect his women ( I personally love the Cave Man thing)

Now the best part of the book, as Rose and Ibraham are connecting, who should enter the club… Rose’s mother and her poker friends, who happen to be the mothers of Rose’s friends, who are all at the club with Rose.  My favorite scene…

“Movement at the edge of the crowd drew Roses attention, but the moment she spotted the neat little blue pillbox hat, her heart stopped, then resumed beating twice as fast as before. “Mama?””

How delicious is that! 

You see what happen was, over a game of poker, these moms decided that they needed to help their daughters find good men and headed straight to The Omen in search of them!  When Rose sees her mother at the club, you can only imagine the horror she feels, she and her friends run!

Ibraham was a gentleman and helped Rose and her friends make their great escape, but tells her to be waiting for him later that evening.  When the two of them meet up later that evening, Rose is once again disappointed that they don’t have sex.  Ibraham wants to take things slow, so that Rose really understands what she is getting herself into starting a relationship with him.  I told you he was a gentleman!

Rose is not about to let the best thing that has walked into her life, walk back out and so she takes the plunge.  Needless to say, she fits right in, Rose thrives in the attention. Ibraham is able to break through her misconception about herself and bring out his perfect woman, who joins him in his fetish of being watched.  

I can’t wait for the next book to see what mischief the mom’s will get into this time. Hopefully we’ll get an update on how Ibraham and Rose are coming along.  Maybe we’ll even get to see one of the MOTHERS finding her man.  I don’t know what Ms. Qwillia Rain has in store for us, but I will be there, ready to read the next book in the great new BDSM series.


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  1. LOL, Cindy, I'm very glad you liked my newest book. Rose and Ibraham were wonderful characters to work with and the mamas are a hoot. (My mom named the ladies for me). The Poker Posse is my "Golden Girls meets Failure to Launch" series and I'm working on Mirrie's story now.I'll keep everyone apprised of my progress, I promise.Qwillia

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