This series was written as three separate books but I think of it as one book just stretched out.
Book 1 – Molly’s POV – A look at woman who is involved in a TPE – Total Power Exchange – relationship. One she went into consensually. She was out of control before being found by Mephisto the owner of a BDSM club who took her in and gave her a job. It was there that she met her master who would also become her husband even though that was just a formality. She willing gave herself over to Clayton to live in a full time relationship with a Dominant, and who has consented to a TPE, and Consensual Slavery. She makes no decisions in her lift – Clayton makes them all for her and she is ok with that as most of her decisions up to meeting him were never the right ones. But Clayton being 20 years her elder has never been as tough on her as he could have been because he loves her as deeply as she loves him. When he has to go away for a week he knows she will not handle the separation well and had asked his friend Mephisto to take over her care for the week he is gone. 

Her time with Mephisto is intense to say the least. For he is not like her master – he pushes her limits in everything – and I mean everything. We know from the beginning that Molly was attracted to Mephisto before she met her Master but after even though she occasionally daydreamed about him she would never disrespect him by allowing those thoughts to go anywhere. During their seven days together she learned a lot of things about herself. She liked pain, she liked his discipline – something her own master was too lenient in and she liked being in his control. She still loves her Master but Mephisto has also brought out feelings in her a permanent sense of protection and he brought to light truths she didn’t know about herself. 

Molly is very happy when he returns but is a bit confused as to why he keeps telling her that if something were to ever happen to him that she is to continue on living and that he would be Mephisto to find another master for her.

Book 1.5 Mephisto POV –  We also get to see a very important meeting between him and Clayton that makes a lot of sense at the start of the next book Burn for You. We learn that when he first met Molly he had wanted her for himself but when Clayton showed up he knew he was the one for Molly. But even with this he never stop wondering about what could have been. As Clayton is telling him all about his preparations he’s made to make sure Molly is taken care of if something happens to him we find out that is was Mephisto that first suggested that maybe Clayton should leave her with him if he ever went out of town. And when that times comes he finds that having Molly under his total control is everything he knew it would be. Some would probally consider his treatment of her inhumane but its who he is and he comes to realize how much he really cares for her and decides to have her a much as time will allow and commit ever moment with her to memory. The conversation between Mephisto and Clayton at the end of the book – very touching in a Dom to Dom way. 

Book 2 – For two years Clayton knew he might die but he never told anyone and die he did at the beginning of this book. And Molly acted how he was afraid she would. She is totally lost – I think a line Mephisto says about her at the funeral was spot on “…Molly was in a tunnel now, in the dark. She had gone into the tunnel from Clayton’s light.. “ It was a safe place for her to be. Mephisto also struggle with should he do as Clayton asked and tell her he loved her and that he wanted to be her new Master. He’d never been in a romantic relationship. He only knew TPE and master/slave. 

But Molly’s reaction at Clayton’s grave site throws him for a loop. She decides the last 8 years were for nothing and she is ashamed of who she had become. And boy does she go off on Mephisto. They do not part on good terms and Mephisto is questioning whether he pushed an emotionally and damaged woman toward a man that was to powerful for her. 

Molly goes back to her life of drugs and being totally out of control. But one night when she is high she end up back at the club a raving lunatic. She wonders the next morning what lead her there – was it the sense that Mephisto and his club were the only play she felt safe? Mephisto helps her realize that she is letting shame rule her life like all those years ago before he found her. 

Instead of Mephisto forcing his will on Molly he decides to give her rules – vanilla rules. She is to get out in the real world and help others anyways she wants. To be Molly again to find out who Molly is what she wants out of life. This works for Molly she likes having the freedom during the day to do normal things, to get involved in charities that her husband was also so generous in giving to and she even finds a nice young man she is attracted to. All this works because at the end of the day she gets to come back to the club which is her safe haven even though she no longer participates in the life. 

Its was almost heartbreaking to watch Mephisto have to stand back and let Molly do her thing and not interfere in anyway. He did the if you love them set them free.. And eventually Molly did come back to when she realized she could not go back to a vanilla life. 

From here promises and vows are made and a really big surprise. The first two books were like the hell two people have to go through to get to the other side where true happiness awaits them. Molly is not unlike many people – we start off with certain beliefs and an image of ourselves and when we detour onto a very dark path we don’t come out the same person on the other side. And since this person we come out as is a stranger to even us we don’t know how to act and can revert back to self destructive behaviors. Molly had to go through all of this to become the woman Mephisto knew she could be and he waited patiently for her to do so. This was not a conventional love story but it was a powerful one all the same. 


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