Red Zone (Daniels Brothers, #2)Red Zone by Sherri Hayes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

~ Cindy’s Review~
Once again the author has written characters that you come to care for throughout the story. At this point I am wishing it was a family of ten boys instead of four.

We didn’t get to see a lot of Gage in the first book since he is a professional football player, so going in I didn’t know as much about him as I did Paul and Trent. But it wasn’t long with his sense of humor and sexy flirty ways I was entranced.

One of the things I really like about this series is the sense of family. In this book we not only get the Daniels strong family bond but we get to see Rebecca and her sister Megan and how despite not having a happy childhood and the two of them being polar opposites they never let that get in the way of their sisterly bond.

This book was a good mixture of both romance and suspense. It also seemed to really set up the next book in the series. I was wondering who was going to be able to bring Paul out of his mourning over his dead wife after many years and I think we’ve met her.

~Janet’s Review~

I was excited when I read the preview of Red Zone by Sherri Hayes, why you may ask, well, how many times I have read the same typical storyline, female in trouble, male agent come along to protect her….. You get my point.

How refreshingly different to see the tables turned, Gage Daniels, star quarterback has a stalker. He thinks it’s harmless, but what he doesn’t know, that explosives were found on his car. Now the owner of the football team calls in a favor, wanting protection for his quarterback. So in comes Rebecca Carson, FBI agent.

Rebecca is on administrative leave after her last case went bad. She is bored and jumps at the chance to work with her old mentor (who has since retired from the FBI), when he calls her with a job.

Rebecca is to pretend to be Gage’s girlfriend, while acting as his bodyguard. Neither of them is happy about this.

Rebecca and Gage are like oil and water…they just don’t seem to mix well. She is straight laced, very up tight. She has fine-tuned the control of her emotions to an art form. Her career has become her life. Gage on the other hand is known for his moves on the field as well as in the bedroom. He knows how to have a good time. And Rebecca doesn’t fit the model of his girlfriend.

So, Gage calls his stylist to come and dress his new girlfriend. At this point Gage decides to have fun with the situation, not only forcing her to change the way she dresses, he knows he can touch and kiss her in public, because after all she is his girlfriend.

Rebecca see Gage as a job and keeps her walls up, but has met her match with him, for he is a stubborn as her is. He even takes her home for Thanksgiving to meet his family. Personally, this was my favorite part of the book. LOVED the whole family dynamics, you could just feel the love this family had for each other and Rebecca must have felt it too, because this was a major changing point for her.

And just when things are going great for our two lovers, who should make an appearance? Our forgotten stalker is back. Rebecca slips back into agent mode and things become crazy between her and Gage.

I stayed up till 2 am reading because I had to see how Red Zone ends. Could Rebecca finally accept Gage as her man or would see continue to see him as another “job”. Or was Gage finally able to break the wall Rebecca had built around her heart?

If you’re looking for a contemporary sport suspense romance genre, then Red Zone is the perfect book for you.

Deadly RecallDeadly Recall by Donnell Ann Bell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Captivating murder mystery that keeps you glued to the pages.

Seventeen years ago Eden Moran saw something her little 9 year old mind couldn’t handle. She attended a catholic school and struggled with the rules and the mean Nuns. The only good thing she had was Sister Beatrice who was always so kind to her. Then one fateful day Eden no longer remembered Sister Beatrice.

Eden is now a lawyer with the Albuquerque Public Defender’s Office. After her unhappy childhood and never feeling like she was understood she likes defending the underdogs. When the human remains found at a construction site turn out to be those of Sister Beatrice, Eden is contacted by Kevin Dancer of the Albuquerque Police as being the one person who he had found out was the closest to her and might be able to shed some light on what happened to her. But Eden had no recollection of a Sister Beatrice and wants nothing to do with Kevin’s investigation. But after experiencing a flash back to that time seventeen years ago she finally decides to help Kevin.

This takes the two of them on a fact finding mystery that uncovers so many threads which leads to more threads. The author did a fantastic job of leading us along. There was one time I remember yelling at the book it’s “xxxx” thinking I had figured it out but I was wrong. There were some frustrating moments in the romance between Kevin and Eden where you just wanted to slap them over the head for being too stubborn but even though they were kind of mismatched they were perfect for each other.

Like a moth to a flame I was captivated from the beginning to the end of this book and I look forward to more from this author.

Did You Miss Me?Did You Miss Me? by Karen Rose
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Suspenseful but not a lot of surprises in this latest from Karen.

From the start we know the who and the why of the villain. Now the secondary villain was much creepier.

FBI Special Agent Joseph Carter is doing his father a favor looking for one of his students that has gone missing and stumbles up a dead cop which leads to finding out the boy had been kidnapped. The boy in question is ASA Daphne Montgomery son who is currently embroiled in a nasty case with that involves a white supremacist. Two attacks are made on her life once the verdict is read while unknowingly to her – her son has been taken.

I thought the “romance” part between Joseph and Daphne started out kinda funny. He’s been secretly pining for her for 6 months but when he thinks she is dating another man he gives her the cold shoulder at every turn.. Ya that will show her 🙂 When he finds out she isn’t dating but just friends with Clay he does a 360 on his feelings again.

There are many plots going on at the same time that in some ways intersect later. The biggest being what happened to Daphne as a child. When that was revealed it’s a doozy and it does end up tying into current events that are going on.

Many of the past characters are secondary in this book which was good to see and we get a little more of a glimpse of the mess that’s Clay and Stevie’s relationship.

This is the 14th book in the series and it’s the first time I’m sad to say this was the weakest book in the series. I’m hoping its just a fluke and the next one will be back to Karen Rose par.

Unsafe HavenUnsafe Haven by Char Chaffin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sweet romance filled with lots of dark and twisted secondary characters.

Kendall Martin had to change everything from her appearance to her name and knew she needed to move to some place far away. She bought a small trading post and move to a remote village in Alaska to get away from a sadistic man.

As with all small towns things are done differently. It is the Chief of Police Denn Nulo who picks up Kendall from the small airport and welcome’s her to Staamat. Denn is a very nice man who after his mother died he left college to come back and raise his much younger sister who also has diabetes.

Here is where I think the book takes a different twist. Kendall is leery understandably of men but it doesn’t take long for the good looking Denn to prove to her he is not like her ex. There romance is a very sweet one that also involves Kendall bonding with Denn usually surly sister. Kendall and Denn are so happy in their new relationship and both think they have finally found the one but they have no idea of the evil plotting that is going on outside their bubble.

We are given the POV of Kendall’s ex Conrad who is a sick and twisted man and also Wendy who owns the local B&B who has an obsessive crush on Denn which turns out bad for everyone.

In all, this book was a great blend of romance, family, suspense, and murder.

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