Janet’s Reviews of Alex Cook spoof books.

~Janet’s Review~

I have seen movie parodies and for the most part I like them. So when I saw that Fifty Seven Shades of Shit: Rude Awakening by Alex Cook was a spoof of the ever so annoying book, which I stall not name, I had to read it.

In Fifty Seven Shades of Shit we meet George, who has the same dilemma that most married men have…. what to get his wife, Kate for Valentine’s Day. After watching TV one morning, he sees a segment on the Morning show about a new book that women are crazy about. George decides this is what he will get Kate. Little does he know that this book with a tie on the cover will turn his and Kate life upside down when Kate decides she wants to play BDSM.

OMG…..It’s been a long time since a book had me laughing this hard!!! I LOVED the snarky sarcasm between Kate and George and the witty interaction between George and his non-friend John was priceless. You will never be able to walk into Barnes & Nobel again without chuckling!

This short novella is sooo worth a read to anyone who enjoys a good belly rolling laugh. I’m now off to read the second book, Fifty Seven Shades of Shit: Dysfunctional Debauchery!!

P.S. Yes, I have read the fore mentioned books we will not name!

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~Janet’s Review~
If I thought the first book Fifty Shades of Shit: Rude Awakening by Alex Cook had me LMAO, his second book, Dysfunction Debauchery almost had me in pain from laughing hysterically. I like this Novella even better than the first one.

We continue our adventures with George and Kate, whose first try at playing BDMS didn’t work out so well. And now because of his non- friend John, George now believes that Kate is having an affair. So he is determent to win her back by giving Kate what she wants, the best Valentine’s Day gift she’ll never forget, which means a trip to the Sex Toy store. Of course he takes John with him. If I though the Barnes & Noble scene in book one was to die for, I don’t even know how to describe the sex toy scene. It was freaking hilarious!!!

I really felt like John and George stole a bunch of the scene with their crazy antics. We also meet some members of Kate’s family who help add to the madness.

The one thing I really disliked was that we were left with a major cliff hanger at the end of Dysfunction Debauchery. I don’t want to wait till Sept for book 3!!!!

Available at:
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