What a great start to what looks like its going to be a rocking series. This is just the introduction to the 3 men during and after there time in Iraq after each has suffered severe damage to there bodies. Most of the book is while they are recovering at Walter Reed Hospital. 

We meet Duncan Wilde right before his convoy is hit. He’s on his last 3 month of his tour. He dreams of becoming a drill instructor and marring his girl back home. After the ambush he is left with spinal bruising and a crushing pelvis and no feeling in his legs. Not long after being in Walker Reed his fiancee breaks the news she is pregnant with another man’s baby and is leaving him. He doesn’t let this get him down and not long after he starts getting feeling back in his legs. 

Chad Lowell lost his leg and his left arm was severely burned. He knew Duncan from the time in Iraq. He had roomed with Duncan’s current roommate in the hospital and tries to engage him in conversations with him and Duncan. Chad has the love and support of a big Texas family but nothing beats the brotherhood of men that have served. 

John Palmer is the angriest of the 3 men. He suffered a spinal cord injury and is paralyzed from the hips down with no chance of recovery from it. For a while you wonder if he will ever be able to get over the anger. 

These three men grow close in there recovery and one by one they leave and go there separate ways. But Duncan had a plan in mind and went home to make it happen before telling the other two. 

Seven months later Duncan comes to both Chad and John and hands them the papers showing they are all now partners in LNF – Lost and Found Investigative Services. 

Since we start off in Iraq with Duncan and he’s the first one we meet I was thinking his story would be first up. But we get a first chapter sneak peek at Embattled Hearts at the end and its John’s story. After reading all of The Embattled Road and seeing the huge adjustments John has/had to make I am glad he’s first up 🙂 I am looking forward to reading these three men’s stories and them getting there well deserved HEA’s. 

This book was so much more than just a romantic suspense book. The main theme of the series is how war veterans have dealt with physical and emotional injuries. We see many different facets of the vets from the homeless ones that just cant be around people to the severely scared ones that are afraid of what others will say about there looks to the just flat out broken ones. The author does such a great job in her descriptions of them you just cant help but feel there pain through her words. 

John Palmer spinal cord was crushed and he is the angriest, foul mouth bear of a man because of this. We find out more about him in this book. He’s never known love his whole life. Abandoned at an orphanage by his mother at the age of 5 he just drifted through the system until he was of age to join the Marines. In the Marines he was able to find the brotherhood he had been missing his whole life but when that is suddenly taken away he is only left with his anger. Its been 6 years since the three men got out of Walker Reed and opened the Lost and Found Investigative services. John was just going through the motions of living until they recently hired a new office manager. She had parts of him coming to life he never thought he would feel again. And when its found out she has a stalker he waste no time in appointing himself as her protector. 

The story was a perfect blend of seeing where the 3 guys were, about the other vets they had hired to work for them and the mystery/suspense of who was after Shannon Murphy. I thought the emotions and feelings that John went through were a very realistic view of how I think a person in his shoes would feel. That he would never be good enough for Shannon being confined to a wheel chair. The romance was nicely done and the sex scenes were hot. Shannon was the perfect woman for John in both her sweet demeanor and understanding. 

I’m totally hooked on this series and cant wait to see whose story is next.


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