The Watcher (Bigler County #1)The Watcher by Jo Robertson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Extra star for this having a serial killer that was unlike any I have ever read before.

Fifteen years ago a young killer takes his first victim. Now that young girl’s twin sister Kate Myers is a Forensic psychiatrist and has been looking for years for similar murders that have happened since to find the man that killed her sister. She thinks she’s found a connection with the latest killing in Bigler County. After getting herself assigned to assist them she butts heads with the lead detective assigned to the murder.

Ben Slater has been put in charge of running the investigation of the murder of a young girl. He doesn’t understand why the LAPD assigned some Forensic psychiatrist to his case. Ben is a pretty brooding man along with not totally believing the real reason Kate is there. After Kate comes partially clean that she thinks they have a serial killer on their hands the two finally start working together both on the job and off.

The serial killer who’s POV we get throughout the book is whacked. And the reason he is whacked is not something I’ve ever read before in a romantic suspense which made this so much more exciting to read.

The author did a great job of balancing the police procedure, romance, and mind of the serial killer and also with Ben and Kate’s tragic past. I loved this book for having something original and different to bring to this genre – which is my favorite.

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