ARC Review of Midnight Sacrifice

One by one, people are mysteriously disappearing from a small Maine town. Four months ago, a ruthless murderer killed two people and kidnapped three more, including Danny Sullivan’s sister, who barely escaped. Unfortunately so did the killer, vanishing without a trace into the vast wilderness. When the police fail to find his sister’s captor, Danny returns to Maine to hunt him down. He begins his search with another survivor, bed and breakfast owner Mandy Brown, but her refusal to cooperate raises Danny’s suspicions. What is the beautiful innkeeper hiding? Mandy Brown has a secret. But sexy Danny Sullivan, his relentless questions, and the desire that simmers between them threaten to expose the truth. A revelation that puts her family in danger. As more people disappear, it becomes clear the killer is planning another ritual and that he’s circling in on Mandy.

Cindy’s Review Huntsville, Maine has picture perfect views but it also harbors evil. Deep in the forest a Celtic Druid plans human sacrifices in hopes of gaining the favor of the gods to rid his family of a curse. Four months ago terror reigned in the little Maine town. While one of the men who were responsible is dead another escaped but not before trying to take Mandy Brown with him. But Danny Sullivan saved her and her best friend Jed. Now Danny has come back to town to try and find the killer so his sister can finally feel safe. Mandy wants nothing to do with him and his cause as she has been getting threatening pictures reminding her to keep her mouth closed if she doesn’t want any harm to come to her fragile mother and mentally challenged brother. Mandy had no idea she was sleeping with a killer. Her father’s abandonment when she was a child has left her with issues of needing to feel that human connection with another person and blinded her to a killer’s true identity. She feels extreme shame over this and tries to keep her secret even though it means not only lying to her best friend Jed but also lying to Danny whom she has become attracted to but knows nothing can become of it. Danny is the youngest of the Sullivan’s. He was also the most messed up of them when he was growing up and feels a strong sense of protecting his family. He still suffers from PTSD and has extreme nerve damage in one arm that at times messes with his self image but deep down he is a honorable man who wants to do right by his sister and doesn’t understand Mandy’s push and pull feelings. The secondary characters were just as engaging as the main. Jed was a man with such a good heart and loved Mandy so much even though she didn’t love him the same way. Mandy’s brother Bill was such a sweet man/boy you couldn’t help but fall in love with him. The author once again takes us into cultural druidism Celtic history. Even though it’s used for a bad purpose in the book you can’t help but be a little fascinated by it. Will Danny be able to keep Mandy from becoming the part of the madman’s tool in a ritual? On a side note I have to say that the thoughts of Danny throughout the book were downright hilarious. I have to give one quote. “And apparently, moving forward meant blathering about his emotions like he were a guest on Oprah or some shit”

Available April 16th – Amazon


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