Elle Kennedy Killer Instincts Series

High octane thrill ride with a dynamic cast of mercenaries and assassins.

The mercenaries are headed by Jim Morgan. He has recruited men for every branch of the military both in and out of the US. 

The assassins are headed by Noelle who contracts out her team like Jim’s for government agencies and sometimes civilians. Her group of girls are called chameleons because you never see them coming and they could change their appearances at the drop of a hat. 

When one of Noelle’s girls disappears after a mission to take out a South American arms and sex trade dealer she comes to Jim to ask him and his team to go in and get her. There is a lot of animosity and tension between Jim and Noelle but we never get to find out what’s up with these two in this book. Jim’s team agrees to go in and get Noelle with Kane Woodland heading the opp. 

Abby Sinclair’s mission didn’t go bad. She was all set to kill Luis Blanco when she found out he had 13 young girls in a bunker under a prison that he was preparing for a sale. She blew her cover on purpose to be put in the prison so she could rescue the girls. She is severely beaten by Luis right hand man but even hurt she manages to pay him back for some of his pain. What she had not counted on was being rescued and once she awakes on the mercenaries’ compound she is not a happy camper. She immediately wants to go back and rescue those girls even though she is in no shape to do so. 

Abby is a cold hearted assassin. Feels no emotion and sex is nothing but a means to an end to get a mark. At least that’s what she’s convinced herself of until Kane starts to break down the walls she erected all those years ago after the horrible things that were done to her. Kane isn’t looking for a relationship either after one he had in college ended tragedy but there is something about Abby that he can’t help but try chip away at the ice around her heart. 

The other mercenaries and assassins we are introduced to play a big part in the book too. I think I am probably like every other person that read this book and can’t wait for Isabel and Trevor book with Noelle and Jim being a close second. Derek “D” Pratt is also a mystery that I can’t wait for the author to give us more on. 
Another great thriller with the dynamic cast of mercenaries and assassins.

Jim Morgan’s group was hired by the DEA to find one of their agents who’s been undercover with the mob and is suspected to be dead. Trevor is leading the team this time in New York but its Luke Dubois who’s staking out inside the strip club of the suspected mobster. He becomes fascinated with one of the dancers. When a tip tells them to check into Olivia Taylor further Luke finds out she is the club owner/mobster’s girlfriend and decides to tell her about their mission to get her help in trying to find the missing agent. 

One of the things I like about this series is its not just about the main hero/heroine. The team gets plenty of face time and many story arc’s that were started in the first book are continued on in this book, again with no resolution, but it just makes you all the more hungry for there stories. 

The author does a great job of story telling. Even though this book doesn’t have the huge conflict like the first one I was still captivated from beginning to end. There are plenty of suspense and dangerous moments to keep you on the edge of your seat and also more puzzling clues to the what’s going on with some of the other members of the team. 

The tease at the back of the book of Trevor and Isabel’s book was soooo good. I cannot wait for there book August. 

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