Gritty and raw debut novel from Jamie Salsbury

What happens when in order to win, you’re forced to lose?

The only daughter of an infamous Las Vegas pimp, Raven Morretti grew up an outsider. Liberated from the neglectful home of her prostitute mother, she finds solace as a mechanic. With few friends, she’s content with the simple life. Flying under the radar is all she knows, and more than she expects.

Until she catches the eye of local celebrity, UFL playboy Jonah Slade. 

Weeks away from his title fight, Jonah is determined to stay focused on everything he’s trained so hard to achieve. Undefeated in the octagon, he’s at the height of his career. But resisting Raven’s effortless allure and uncomplicated nature is a fight he can’t win. 

Jonah trades in his bad-boy reputation and puts his heart on the line. But when her father contacts her, setting in motion the ugly truth of her destiny, Jonah must choose. In a high-stakes gamble where love and freedom hang in the balance, a war is waged where the price of losing is a fate worse than death.

Will the hotheaded Jonah be able to restrain his inner fighter to save the woman he loves? 

Or will Raven be forced into a life she’s been desperate to avoid?

Fighting for Flight (Fighting, #1)Fighting for Flight by Jamie Salsbury
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Gritty, emotional story of love conquering evil.

In this first book about Mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters we met Jonah Slade who’s never had a serious relationship in his life. Its all about winning the fights and getting laid. That is until he meets the mechanic that has been recommended to restore one of his classic cars.

Raven Morretti was bred by her pimp father. Her mother who was one of his prostitutes never showed any love or emotion for Raven while she was growing up. Raven who’s never been into girly things took shop in high school and the teacher ended up taking her under his wing and now at 20 she works for him. Cars and Guy have been her family for years. Then she meets Jonah.

This was not a traditional love story. But it was a beautiful one none the less. Even with all the ugly and evil that bred Raven she was purity and Jonah changed his spots to be her knight.

Even with the dark theme that hung over for most of the book the secondary character of Blake, Jonas friend and fellow fighter, was pure comic relief and also a good man to have by your side during a fight. Looks like his story is next and he soo needs to eat some of his words 🙂

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One response to “Gritty and raw debut novel from Jamie Salsbury

  1. This one actually sounds really good Cindy and I don't think it's one I would have picked up without you reading it first and mentioning it. I love finding a non-girly girl heroine now and again and am glad to hear there's a bit of humor thrown in here and there from the secondary characters. I'm going for straight fluff next but have this on the tbr list 🙂 Very nice review!

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