By Groovy Lee


Taryn kimble has lost her job and is now about to lose her twin daughters Remi and Rachel. Her vengeful ex-father-in-law, Mac, has made his threat very clear: If she’s not employed, or miracles upon miracles, married in one week’s time, he’ll sue for custody of her daughters–payback for his son’s death three years ago. A week! Why don’t he insist she walk on water, too?

When another job interview crumbles, and her anxiety continues to build, that miracle appears on her doorstep in the good-looking form of a good friend Michael Vande-xx. When he presents her with what he feels is the only solution, the one-two punch of a single word sends the room spinning. Marriage? Surely, there’s another way out of this nightmare. But, the deadline is just about on her. It’s either marriage, or watch her daughters being escorted from the courtroom by her former in-laws. She agrees to the union, but not the emotional entanglment that comes packaged with it: Love, Passion, and a desire to share not only his bed, but his heart–completely.

A name-only marriage doesn’t carry the same expectations as mere roommates dwelling side by side on friendly terms. Deeper feelings are involved, as she is constantly made aware of when she catches his eyes tracing along her curves; Or when they attend a Red-Carpet gala and he takes her in his arms to slow dance. Even his bewitching smiles threaten to burn her flag of resistance with each passing day. He’s already make it clear that while a patient man, he’s also a man who finds everything about her desirable. And soon, very soon, he expects her to join him in the master suite so their vows can be exercised to the fullest extent.

That moment arises when Michael whispers one single question in her ear. A question that changes her life forever, and results in a night of pure bliss and fulfillment as their bodies unite in a rhapsody of passion. She realizes now that her life would be nothing without him, and hopes he feels the same.

But wait, his ex-fiancee, Karen, has returned and she has plans of her own

~JANET’S REVIEW~  I give this 4 out of 5 stars.

  I totally love trying new authors, so when I saw Invitation to Love by Groovy Lee for FREE on Amazon I had to get it!  And I’m so glad I did, it was a delightful, sweet story.

While on vacation in Florida with her 8 year old twin daughters, Widow Taryn Kimble meets Michael Vande-xx, after one of the twins breaks his sunglasses.  One thing leads to another and the happy foursome spend the rest of their vacation together.  The twins are totally taken by Micheal and let him know how they feel about him, he promises them to keep in touch.  Taryn is also very attracted to Michael, but chooses not to reveal her feels. She hasn’t had the best of luck when it came to men.

Taryn also knows that her happiness is short lived, because when she gets back to Nashville, she’ll be fighting her father-in-law for custody of the twins.  Once home, while watching T.V. she discovers that the man she can’t stop thinking about, is none other than one of the most eligible bachelor and millionaire from California. Pushing those thoughts aside, Taryn focuses on the issue facing her, keeping her daughters.

Till Michael shows up at her door and offers her a solution to her problems…Marry Him!

Can Taryn accept the offer of a marriage in order to keep custody of her girls, to a man that she is extremely attracted to and have a name-only marriage?  Of course she will, and this is where the angst begins.  While Michael makes his feeling known, he wants a real marriage; Taryn still tries to fight hers.

Oh the still games we playing when trying to hide our hearts desires.  That is what I felt Taryn was doing for most of the book.  Don’t get me wrong, I like her character a lot, she was feisty and strong, but with everything she had been through with her past, she didn’t really know how to deal with her emotions.

Thank God for Michael and having the patients of a saint.  Talk about the man of every girls dream! He was sexy, smart, rich and a body to die for, he could have any women he wanted, yet he only wanted Taryn.  He never once falters in his commitment to her and the twins, no matter what Taryn did.

And speaking of Michael brings up the one thing I personally didn’t like about this book,   Invitation to Love was written all in Taryn POV, I wish we had gotten a peek into Michael’s mind as well.  To hear his thought would have enhanced this story to a higher level.  

All in all I found Invitation to Love a wonderful, charming story and I loved the fact that in the epilogue, we not only get a glimpse at how Taryn and Michael are doing, we get to see what is happening 6 years not, not just months later.



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