When Danger CallsWhen Danger Calls by Terry Odell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Lots of cliffhangers in this suspense.

Former Navy Seal Ryan Harper now works for a Blackthorne, Inc a covert ops group. When the last mission he was on goes bad and he almost dies he decides he needs a break and goes home to his father’s ranch in Montana. But seems that last mission isnt quite over as the bad guys want something they think he has and will do whatever to get it back.

Frankie Castor left New York with her daughter to come to Montana to care for her mother. She works two jobs to try and support herself and her daughter. She gives Ryan a ride home from the hospital one day not knowing that she was putting her and her daughter’s life in the crossfire of the people after Ryan.

There are a lot of suspenseful scenes in the book that the author chose to use cliffhangers at the end of each chapter. Kinda like watching a TV show and the commercial comes on right at a exciting moment. But instead of having to sit through the commercials we switch to another scene before going back to see what happens.

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