Against the Edge (The Raines of Wind Canyon, #8)Against the Edge by Kat Martin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Eight books into this series and it’s still as strong as ever. Kat Martin has delivered another hot alpha man with great suspenseful story.

Ben’s your typical hard-headed alpha man. He got burnt once in the love department and has sworn off ever falling in love again ever since. He wanted to be a Navy Seal and he successfully was till an injury took him out. He’s now been working as a PI at his best friend Trace Rawlins firm. What he never expected was to come home from one of his night stands and find a woman on his door step telling him that he had a nine year old son from the woman who broke his heart all those years ago and that she was dead and his son was missing.

Claire Chastain is a social worker who had been assigned Laura and Sam’s case when Laura went on assistance for a short time. During that time Claire became good friends with Laura and came to love Sam like her own. When Laura died of cancer Claire did all she could to try and adopt Sam. When that didn’t work he went into the foster care system which is where he disappeared from. She’d heard all about Ben and knew his training as a Navy Seal would be conducive in finding Sam.

The journey Ben and Claire go on to find Sam takes them too many states as they follow the clues. During this time Ben and Claire agree to no attachment sex to sate there strong attraction to each other but that doesn’t quite work out so well for them.

Along with the figuring out and finding who took Sam there is also another side story going on with an ex-boyfriend of Claire’s who manages to bring even more danger to her door.

This was another great romantic suspense from Kat Martin and I look forward to the next in this series.

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