Deadly ReckoningDeadly Reckoning by Elle James
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

After an attempt on her life, Kayla Davies leave Seattle for a small Oregon town to try and get past the trauma so she can start painting again. Its not long before she realizes that what she ran away from has followed her after a girl is found murdered with a strong resemblance to her.

Gabe McGregor left Washington where he had been a police office to come back to his home town to raise the teenage son that had been suddenly thrust on him that he had no clue about. He works for the sheriff’s department in the usually quite town. Now he not only has to deal with a surly teenager but also trying to catch a murder, and protect Kayla and his growing attraction to her.

The author did a great job of giving us many suspects to choose from and left you wanting Gabe to hurry up and figure out the clues to find out who the killer was. I really liked the relationship that formed between Gabe’s son and Kayla. He had gotten himself into trouble in the city for graffiti and it didnt take Kayla long to figure out that he just needed canvas and paint to express himself.

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