Tempted by His TargetTempted by His Target by Jill Sorenson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sexy, romantic suspense.

Isabel Sanborn fled California to Mexico after waking up next to a dead man. Isabel’s life up to that point had been drugs, sex and taking pinup pictures for magazines. She realizes that if she doesnt turn her life around and get off the drugs she will be caught by the Mexican drug lord who is after her for the death of his son. She thinks she has done a good job of hiding in the small town until a stranger takes notice and the cartel hitmen find her.

Brandon who’s a U.S. Marshall has finally found Isabel but he approaches her undercover to try and get her to come peacefully back to California with him. After thwarting the first attempt on her life the two end up having to go on the run together to avoid the cartel.

Isabel was a interesting character. We got see how she had grown from the spoiled rich party girl to being sober and trying to stay alive. I also really liked Brandon’s character – he knew he was attracted to Isabel but he kept her at arms length knowing it would be wrong to cross that line and he loved being a U.S. Marshal. The author did a good job of showing how that kinda of life can take its toll as at one point Isabel had to admit she had never been with a guy without being totally wasted.

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