Sworn to Protect (Sugarland Blue #1)Sworn to Protect by Jo Davis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This series is off to a great start. With its wonderful cast of characters that include some of our old favorites from her previous series, its smoking hot love scenes, the strong sense of family and downright laugh out loud moments when you’re not expecting it.

Shane Ford and Daisy Callahan are characters we’ve meet throughout the Firefighters series. We got a glimpse of their relationship in the prequel Armed and Dangerous, which I recommend reading before this one. At the end of that one Shane’s fears cause him to walk away from Daisy and break her heart.

When Shane’s childhood friend Brad Cooper who is a NFL star and a single dad suddenly dies, Shane is thrust into the role of guardian/father to his godson Drew. Shane who was already having second thoughts about what he did to Daisy welcome’s her involvement to help him and Drew through the grieving process.

I thought the author did a great job of showing us all three angles of how each dealt with the grief. Shane had always been around Drew, helped raise him, so the love for him was already there but he was scared of suddenly being a parent to an angry grieving 16 year old. Drew didn’t quite have the wonderful life that most thought he did. His dad was absent most of the time and towards the end he ended up getting involved in things that lead to his death, all things that Drew had witnessed and kept to himself which eventually come back to haunt him and put him in danger. Daisy’s love for Shane and children made her be the glue that kept them all together but she was also very leery of handing her heart back over to Shane after what he did with it the last time.

The book dealt with a lot of serious subject matters dealt which in turn lead to some suspenseful scenes. During all of this we saw Shane decide he was going to fight for Daisy and win back her trust.

I’m thrilled about this new series and looking forward to many more books about the Sugarland PD.

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