The Last ExecutionThe Last Execution by Jerrie Alexander
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

An engrossing suspense with lots of subplots that all work out to a very satisfying karma like conclusion.

A killer is stalking and killing men that have wrong women. When a FBI task force is assembled catch him, Homicide detective Leigh McBride is assigned as a liaison. Leigh was a very interesting character. She has a very ugly past that she has fought to overcome and has tried so hard to move on from it and be the best mother and detective she can. She is thrilled to have this chance to work with the FBI even though the partner she is assigned to work with causes feelings she thought were long dead due to her traumatic past.

FBI Agent J.T. Noble has a few issues himself. He is a scarred man on the outside from his time in the Marines and very jaded on the inside from what he considers his alcoholic genetics that his grandfather and mother suffered from. Even though J.T. doesn’t drink and was raised by his grandmother who he loves dearly he has decided marriage and children are not for him. That’s all tested when he finds himself both attracted to Leigh and actually liking her son.

As the hunt for the killer goes on throughout the book — which I must say for most of the book as we find out why he is doing what he is you almost feel sympathy for him — Leigh’s ugly past is released from prison. This guy was a bad guy!!. Throughout the book we are given both of their POV which worked well with the story in my opinion.

I really liked this author’s voice in her writing. She keeps you captivated and interested in the story from beginning to end. This was a new author to me but I will be looking forward to reading more from her.

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