The Green-Eyed DollThe Green-Eyed Doll by Jerrie Alexander
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Small little Texas town harbors one sick twisted killer. Whenever we got his POV a certain scene from the movie Mommy Dearest kept running through my head. Read it, you’ll understand 

While the killer is taking victims, a stranger rolls into town. Catherine McCoy is running from her past. When she realizes she is running low on cash she decides to look for a job to save up some cash before moving on. On her first day into town she is pulled over by the Sheriff and this result in them forming a friendship. Catherine’s past haunts her and prevents her from any form of intimacy with the sexy Sheriff but she see’s that his search for the killer is causing him a lot of stress and she wants to help him however she can. Not long after getting to town she starts getting gifts which makes the Sheriff think she is in the crosshairs of the killer.

Sheriff Matt Ballard is attracted to the green eyed beauty but can tell she is very skittish when it comes to men. He knows somewhere she has been abused but doesn’t push her for her story. The intimacy part of their relationship was slow to come as it should have been given her history. Matt’s got a sad history too and he lives his life now with only honesty. He’s not big on liars and with the secrets Catherine is hiding you can see it’s not going to be pretty when it all comes out.

I do have to say the weakest part of the book was the police procedure and tracking of the killer. Over all though it was a good mystery with quite the perverted killer and a very likable hero and heroine which made it all the more enjoyable..

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