Baer FactsBaer Facts by Linda McMaken
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Were back in Sentinel, Wyoming for the third Baer brother’s story. Matt Baer grew up as the son of Ben Childers, who was a ruthless business man, found out that his mother had an affair and he was actually a Baer. When Ben found this out he kicked Ben out of the family and has wanted nothing but revenge on the Bear family which he has been trying to do since the first book in this series. Ben not having a job or a place to live was taken in by his brothers Conner and Joe and due to Ben owning the previous Sheriff, Matt decided to run for the position and won.

Matt’s beginning to think he bit off more than he can chew. He has a dispatcher and assistant named Eleanor who scares him with her always being one step ahead of him and her knowledge of the towns people and her hard drinking and smoking ways. Then there is his newly appointed deputy who is like a Barney Fife except he always wants to shoot something. When U.S. Marshall Edward McHollister decides he is going to hide two witnesses to a Russian mob hit in Sentinel he enlist Matt to protect them. Callenda Benoit and Matt’s first meeting was quite humorous with her brandishing a sword dressed like Zena the warrior princess trying to kill him. She doesn’t make it easy for Matt to “protect” her.

All of the kooky cast of secondary characters are back and still provide plenty of laughs and help. I know this was the last of the Baer brother’s stories but I am hoping that a few more of the people in Sentinel will get their story one day.

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