His Old-Fashioned LoveHis Old-Fashioned Love by Laylah Roberts
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I love this series… Brax is the youngest of the brothers but he seems to be the hardest on himself. With their parents dying so young and the oldest brother Heath having to raise them they each came out with their own scars. Brax has a 5 year plan. He wants his new business to get off the ground and to be financially set before having the big house and perfect wife and kids. Well best laid plans and all that…

Holly Latham had a string of bad luck. Her husband who had been cheating on her for all of their marriage left her while she was in the hospital after a horrific car accident that left her needing a lot of physical therapy and with a permanent bad leg. The only person that stood by her and helped her both with therapy and a job and place to live was her ex brother in law. When Derrick decides he is going to build a resort,he and Holly go to interview contractors. One of those contractors is Brax and to say that the sparks flew between him and Holly right away is an understatement.

But alas she’s not in Brax’s 5 year plan and she has a few insecurity issues herself. So let the angst begin. It doesn’t take long for the Dom in Brax to rear its head with the way Holly takes care of herself. She over does it and pushes her leg too far to the point of pain and collapse and when she decides she is going to help out with the threats to Brax and his company have been getting, well we all know where that lands her.

I really liked Brax and Holly from the start. The author does a great job of making you care about her characters from the start even if they are a bit stubborn and old fashioned (grin)

I hope the author continues with this series cause Derrick really needs a story..

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