The Point of No ReturnThe Point of No Return by J.D. Combs
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The evils of facebook

A mother of five wonders how her marriage got to the point it has. She pours her heart and soul into a journal trying to figure out how and if the marriage is salvageable and if she wants to save it.

There is a online predator that stalks women online. He is very good at seeking out venerable women and reeling them in and making them do things they normally would not do and once he has done that he adds them to his collection.

So many women who aren’t getting the affection they think they need at home get wrapped up in a harmless flirtation online and think its is safe. The heroine even goes are far as to meet with him in person.

Does she fall for his smooth moves and will she finally see him for what he really is and realizes what she has at home is really worth fighting for? And once she makes that decision will fate throw her curve ball?

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