KidnappedKidnapped by Suzanne Ferrell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This wasn’t just your typical romantic suspense. Yes, we have man that kidnaps woman and eventually they fall for each other but it also takes us through the grief and healing of the heroine of a past traumatic loss in her life.

Undercover FBI agent Jake Carlisle has been shot and his nine year old Russian witness has been stabbed and tortured. He needs help for them both fast and that way happens to be kidnapping a nurse leaving her shift from the hospital.

Samantha Edgars is tired after her shift. But we don’t know to the extent of how tired she is until during flashbacks of her life and the personal loss she went through is told to us. The author chose for only us to know most of these details which explained why she felt so strongly in helping the young boy.

As the hunt for who set up Jake and the danger continues the three of them all form a close bond. All of them needed each other and it was great to watch it unfold.

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