Fire Inside (Chaos, #2)Fire Inside by Kristen Ashley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

We’ve met Lanie and Hop before. May not have thought highly of them when we first met them but you cant judge a person before knowing all the facts. I immediately liked them from the start of this book and that only increased as I finished the book.

I loved Lanie’s reason’s for choosing the men she did, even though the last one almost got her killed. She doesnt look for a man based on looks even though she is model gorgeous. She didnt give two flying figs that Hop was a biker, looked like a biker and acted like a biker. But she brought a lot of baggage into bed with her and Hop. Its always the parents mistakes that scar us for life even though we have a choice once as adults to bury those demons so they dont continue in the form of bad choices we make which Lanie didnt do and her bad choices ended up getting her best friend hurt.

Hop turned me right on from the start. And his insight into knowing Lanie had demon that had to be slayed was hot. He recognized it, didnt let her hide from it and was supportive through it all. I love finding out about each of these BA guys background to see what shaped them into the Alpha’s they are. Hop was a good man through and through.

An interesting tid bit is this books timeline was happening at the exact same time as Own the Wind. LOVED IT.. Cant wait for the next one.



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