The InformantThe Informant by V.R. Marks
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A gripping tale of murder and suspense. Two murders, different locations but similarities of both bring a DEA agent and a ex Army commando back together again.

I’m so happy to finally get to read Bart’s story. Bart owns a truck stop but even after an injury ended his Army career he still informs to law enforcement about any suspicious activity he sees. He’s always had the help of his old Army buddy Ross Carpenter who now runs RC Investigations. When he finds his cook dead and it looks like the murder was committed by a Mexican drug cartel his instincts instantly go on alert especially when his friend and one time lover shows up with a similar story.

DEA Agent Hannah Thalberg has been put on desk duty due to losing a witness and getting caught in the crossfire. When things start to point to activity at Bart’s truck stop she decides to pretend that Bart is her husband so she can continue her investigation into the Mexican drug cartel she was trying to put away instead of being shipped off somewhere for her protection. But Hannah has a secret from that one-night stand that she doesn’t know how she is going to tell Bart about.

As Bart and Hannah try to figure out why Bart’s cook was killed they realize that somewhere there is a traitor in there mist all while trying to fight the attraction they still feel for each other.

Ross, Rick and Eve are back to help with the investigation and it was great seeing them again. I love these characters and I hope to see more of them again in future books.

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