One Night StandoffOne Night Standoff by Delores Fossen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Let me start off saying I really liked this book and loving these Marshall’s in this series.

Now, I wonder if the author went how many ways and times can I have the heroine and hero shot at? I lost count. Poor couple, it’s a good thing she got pregnant before the book started otherwise there wouldn’t have been much of chance during all the shootouts The author also did a great job of leading us as readers all over the place – when one string was pulled it unraveled another and another. You didn’t know who was bad or badder (yes I said badder 🙂 as some were worse than others) till the very end.

This is a great series and I cannot wait for the rest of the foster brother’s books. Each of them is full of action and suspense and great chemistry between the hero and heroine.

View all my reviews Tempted into Danger (ICE: Black Ops Defenders #1)Tempted into Danger by Melissa Cutler
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Explosive meeting of a Black Ops Alpha and a woman with a mind for numbers. This fast paced thrill ride never lets up.

Diego Santero and his team of black ops are asked to do what he considers a job beneath them. ICE wants them to move Vanessa Crosby from one location to another – a glorified chauffeur job. But that chauffeur job turned into harrowing car chases, a helicopter crash, trekking through the Panama jungle , gun battles and bombs.

Diego had been closed off emotionally since his brothers death in 9/11. He threw himself into the Navy and then Black Ops and hasn’t looked back. That is until he meets a smart but very insecure woman named Vanessa. These two couldn’t be more opposite and the last thing he is looking for is a woman, relationships and his job just don’t go together. But it was oh so fun to watch this tough as nails alpha warrior be bitten by cupid.

If you like your men Alpha and to be on the edge of your seat the whole time then Tempted into Danger is the book for you.

View all my reviews Animal Attraction (Includes: Buckhorn Brothers, #6)Animal Attraction by Lori Foster
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Buckhorn Ever After by Lori Foster – Shohn Hudson (Sawyer and Honey’s youngest son who is now 26) is a park ranger who has quite the reputation with the ladies. He’s never done anything to dispute it but when his childhood friend Nadine Moest owner of Animal House Pet hotel gives Shohn her opinion on his flirty ways with women suddenly his eyes are open to seeing Nadine in a new light and he decides he is going to pursue Nadine even though she doesn’t take him seriously at first due to her insecurities over her size. This was a great love story along with getting to visit with most of the Hudson’s and getting to meet there grown children. I would love one day to see Amber’s book (Morgan and Misty’s daughter) who was the matchmaker of the family.

Imagine Me and You by Maisey Yates – This was a cute friend to lovers story. Jace and Samanatha have been friends for 14 years. There childhoods left them with a few issues but the one common thing was always there friendship. When Samantha asks to stay at Jace ranch with her large dog for month until she can buy a place Jace who is a clean freak panics a bit cause he knows a dog and Sam are havoc on wheels but he cant turn his bestfriend away. These two kept there lust for each other buried so deep that when it did come out it was explosive. But Sam’s fear of not ever wanting to get involved too deeply for fear of abandonment almost axes the relationship before it ever gets started.

Gimme Shelter by Heidi Betts – This was another cute read. Dean and Erica are neighbors and he knew she had animals so late one stormy night he shows up at her door with 3 tiny little kittens he found almost drowning in the alley behind his work. She shows him how to nurse them and helps him get them healthy again. He was so cute in his handling of the kittens and named them the 3 Stooges. The attraction between Dean and Erica was instantaneous. Dean was a very likable man and I’d love to have one 🙂

Partner in Crime by Jules Bennett – Saige is a thief.. She steals animals from cruel owners. In her mind she is doing a good deed but in the mind of her cute neighbor who just happens to be an ex-cop she’s breaking the law and he turns her in.

These two couldn’t be more opposite – he is straight laced abide by the law and she is break the rules for the greater cause. But we all know that sometimes makes for a hot pairing and with tons of cute animals this was sweet read.

View all my reviews HuntedHunted by Suzanne Ferrell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I love this series.. Katie Myers lived a childhood of hell growing up in a cult compound. After the leader blew up a building killing many she got the courage to steal evidence to convict him and then testified against him. His final threat to her was he would see her dead before he was put to death.

Years later Katie has been found. She doesnt know who to trust so she takes the highway patrolman, Matt Edgars, by gunpoint to help her. Matt is a by the book policeman and Katie has him breaking all the rules for her safety.

Katie was an interesting heroine – she was equal parts tough, very knowledge able in guns and explosives and yet suffered from flashbacks of the beatings and torcher she went through during her life on the compound. Katie faces many fears to bring down the men determined to kill her.

View all my reviews Safe in His Arms (Manhunt #1)Safe in His Arms by Rita Herron
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Intense short read.. After her abusive and obsessed husband almost kills her Mia starts over on a ranch in Texas. But when he manages to escape prison Mia and the Texas Ranger who was with her through out the trail know just where he is headed. Her ex-husband isnt letting anything get in his way to get to Mia and its up to Alex to stop him but Mia isnt the scared obedient wife anymore and she’s ready for him this time.

View all my reviews Someone To Watch Over MeSomeone To Watch Over Me by Jerrie Alexander
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Even though it was on the shorter side you still got it all in this romantic suspense. A pair of star-crossed lovers who are reunited back in there home town, a stalker ex who seems to have found her when the bodies start piling up and personal items go missing. Pay attention while reading cause all is not how it seems.

View all my reviews


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