Love Plus One (G-Man, #2)Love Plus One by Andrea Smith
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Author packs a gut-wrenching moment in the midst of two people falling in love that don’t really believe in it and from the surface don’t look to have anything in common.

Lindsey Dennison and Trace “Taz” Matthews – Lindsey is the 19 year old daughter of Samantha Dennison (from Diamond Girl) and 28 year old Taz is Eric “Slate” Slater best friend and partner in the FBI and also married to Samantha. Lindsey is now in her junior year of college and home for her mom’s wedding to Eric. After drinking too much at their reception Taz gives her a ride home which takes a detour in so many ways. Taz doesn’t believe in relationships. He’s happy just to screw and move on to the next one. So when he can’t get his mind off of Lindsey, even though she should be off limits for so many reasons, the two embark in a strictly hidden sexual relationship with no strings attached. Well Taz crosses over from sexual alpha to possessive alpha in no time – which was hot BTW. During this there are strange things happening to Lindsey that make Eric and Taz think that her on the run father is behind and the investigation of this leads to a shocking conclusion with devastating consequences for Lindsey that rip your heart out.

Eric and Samantha – We get a great deal of face time of these two. They now have a infant son and are going strong in their marriage. I really liked how the author showed us the relationship between Lindsey and Sam and Eric – how it had progressed since the first book and how strong the bond between mother and daughter was even when it was tested with a few things that come up in the book.

This was so much more than the love story between Lindsey and Taz. You are pulled into this book right from the start and realize you’re not going to get be able to get off this train until it stops even when there is a big derailment (head the authors warning in the synapses of this book ) that rips your heart out you know you have to stay on to see the conclusion.

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Diamond Girl (G-Man, #1)Diamond Girl by Andrea Smith
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When life gives you lemons make diamonds out of it… No I know that’s not how the saying goes but its what the heroine did in this book.

Forced into a marriage in her teens due to getting pregnant in high school Samantha Dennison is lost now that her daughter has gone to college. In a love less marriage for 18 years and feeling frumpy Sammie’s best friend convinces her to start living her own life. Sammie jumps into kickboxing, pilates and finally pole dancing. The later leads to her taking a job dancing at a gentleman’s club. Yes, the mousy housewife has become the pole dancer Diamond. Diamond has come under the attention of bad boy biker Slate. She’s never been attracted to a “bad boy” before as she skipped that phase of her life by marrying so young. Now here she is at 35 just experiencing these things along with her first orgasm.

There is a lot more to this story than the book blurb would lead you to believe. Its chock full of domestic abuse, undercover ops, betrayal, and lots of sexy scenes between Sammie and Slade.

The quirky situations that Sammie finds herself in thoroughly keep you entertained through out the book. And as those situations constantly change you are turning those pages fast to see what’s going to happen next. I’m looking forward to the next book in this series.

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